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‘Oil and Gas Chemistry Management Series’ is first of its kind

Aramco’s Qiwei Wang writes the book on chemistry-related issues in oil field operations.

‘Oil and Gas Chemistry Management Series’ is first of its kind

Over the past several years, Qiwei Wang, a globally recognized expert on oil field scale management at the Aramco Research and Development Center (R&DC), had many engineers approach him to recommend a good book to read to better address chemistry-related issues in oil field operations. 


Wang searched for a book to recommend, but then realized that there was not one on the market.


Although thousands of papers are published each year on these issues, each publication is focused only on a specific problem and possible solutions. Also, with the operations becoming more unconventional, it is critical to have an in-depth understanding and be able to effectively manage the chemistry-related issues for efficient and safe hydrocarbon recovery. 

Qiwei Wang, the editor of these volumes, has 27+ years of industrial R&D and technical support experience in providing novel chemical solutions for oil and gas industry. Over his career, Wang has completed over 250 projects, issued 32 U.S. patent applications, and has more than 180 technical publications to his credit. He actively contributed to professional societies by organizing workshops, serving on technical committees, reviewing standards and chairing symposiums. Since joining R&DC in 2011, Wang has been instrumental in the development and improvement of viable technical solutions for scale issues in the company’s operations.



The search for a good book brought up a demand, in Wang’s mind, who recognized it is a challenge for most professionals to keep abreast of oil field operations and developments.


It was then that this recipient of the NACE International 2021 Technical Achievement Award — not one to shy away from a challenge — decided that a general reference for chemical issues in oil field management was needed. 


His effort produced a four-volume book series called the Oil and Gas Chemistry Management Series,

published by Elsevier, that covers all major chemistry-related challenges and chemical solutions in upstream and mid-stream operations. It is comprised of the following volumes:


  • Volume I: Fluid Chemistry, Drilling and Completion
  • Volume II: Flow Assurance
  • Volume III: Recovery Improvement
  • Volume IV: Surface Process, Transportation, and Storage


First-of-its-kind in the field

This four-volume series is the first of its kind in the field. Each volume contains about 10 chapters on fundamentals, new developments and case studies, authored by industry known experts with extensive experience from major production companies, service providers, chemical manufactures, universities, and research institutes. 


Wang compiled and edited the manuscripts, which gave him an opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry and share/transfer knowledge to other professionals in the field. Contributors include Xiangyang Zhu, Sebastien Duval, Yuguo Wang, and Rashid Othman from R&DC; and Frank F. Chang, Feng Liang, Arthur Hale, and Wei Wang from Aramco Americas. With the input of so many Aramco scientists, this series raises Aramco’s technical profile and strengthens its technical leadership position.


Engineers, chemists, academic researchers, and students in the petroleum industry can keep track of developments in the field of chemical processes, which come on fast and are constantly changing. The book series also provides a platform for experts to share their well-earned knowledge and experience with a broader stroke on the industry as a whole. 


The series is a reference tool on a wide range of oil field chemistry problems and mitigation methods. Readers will be able to learn and understand the basics, practical solutions, and the latest developments. These books will provide useful information to drive the industry toward more sustainable and lower carbon production.


For more information of the books, click here.


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