Expat KSA Reunion

Amin Nasser welcomes retirees and their families to 2023 reunion

Retirees’ role as ambassadors for the Kingdom’s positive change continues to be crucial.

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At the opening ceremony of the 2023 Aramco Retiree Reunion, Aramco retirees and their dependents were given a closer look at the company’s dramatic transformation to become one of the world’s largest and most profitable companies. And giving the overview was none other than Aramco’s president and CEO, Amin Nasser. 


Speaking to nearly 2,500 retirees and their families — 2,000 of them Saudis — Nasser welcomed the guests to Aramco’s largest retiree reunion yet. Nasser gave special thanks to Reunion Steering Committee chairman Ali Al Baluchi for his leadership in organizing the fifth reunion since 2000.


A very different place

For those returning for the first time in years or decades, Nasser said, the Kingdom and our communities will look very different from the past.  


“As Saudi Arabia moves forward rapidly, the same also goes for Aramco, as we continue to be among the catalysts for the country’s transformation,” Nasser said. 


The foundation that was built by your trusted hands has now supported Aramco to become one of the world’s largest and most profitable companies.
— Amin Nasser


Aramco Retiree Reunions not only provide an opportunity for former employees to visit the homes and communities where they lived and to meet old friends and colleagues. They are also an opportunity for Aramcons to see the dramatic changes that have been occurring in Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom transforms itself and takes its place as a vibrant economic leader. There have been four reunions in-Kingdom in the past, following a large retiree reunion in Arizona in 1998. 

The two-week long gathering, which runs through March14, will provide the retirees with a wide range of activities. Aramco will arrange trips for retirees to visit local museums, shopping for local crafts, and dining options. In addition, retirees and their dependents will have the chance to take trips to significant historic sites such as Al Ula, Abha, Shaybah, Riyadh, and Jiddah. 


Perhaps the most dramatic changes retirees and Aramco brats will notice during their stay will be the rapid pace of development outside of Aramco’s gates, as the Kingdom implements the ambitious plans of Saudi Vision 2030, promoted by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 


“Guided by Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is in the middle of inspiring change,” Nasser told the retirees during his luncheon speech. “Business is growing, and innovation, entertainment and tourism continue to expand and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. You will witness this first-hand when you travel around the Kingdom over the next few days.”


Each of us has a part in Vision 2030 

Aramco has always played a key role as economic engine for the Kingdom’s development, and it has been closely aligned with the Kingdom’s leadership in supporting the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, Nasser said. Each of us can support this vision, he added. 


“Aramco continues to lead the way with a thoughtful and pragmatic strategy, and at the heart of our plans are people,” Nasser said. “That includes our retirees, along with your kids and grandkids.”


Aramco will turn to retirees and dependents as “our biggest ambassadors” to help tell the story of this transformative moment, for the company and for the Kingdom, Nasser added.  

“I hope you use this reunion as an opportunity to learn more about our ambitious future plans, and encourage you all to tell the Aramco story to friends, family, and future generations,” Nasser said. 


“Today’s event and the retiree reunion celebrations over the next two weeks are our small way of saying ‘thank you,’” Nasser added. “Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, and your mentorship, all of which has helped Aramco become the global leader it is today.” 


Caption for top photo: Amin Nasser addresses retirees and their families at an event Thursday, thanking them for their years of dedication and sharing with them some of the major changes at the company and in the Kingdom since their working days.


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