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This Day in History (1975): Riyadh Refinery

Riyadh Refinery comes on line under Petromin.

This Day in History (1975): Riyadh Refinery

From the Feb. 12, 1975, edition of The Arabian Sun

Petromin's new Riyadh Refinery is now supplying the capital city and surrounding area with 15,000 barrels of refined products daily. Crude oil for the refinery is supplied by three GOSPs in Aramco's Khurais Field through a 141-kilometer long, 12-inch diameter pipeline.


Located 20 kilometers southeast of Riyadh on the Riyadh-Al Kharj Highway, the refinery employs 500 men in three shifts around the clock. Water used in the refining process comes from wells drilled on the one square kilometer refinery site.


Construction is such that refiner capacity can be easily increased to 28,000 barrels per day as the demand for refined products grows in the area.


Process design for the refinery was done by Universal Oil Products of Des Plaines, Il.. Mechanical design and construction were completed by the Chiyoda Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. of Japan.


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