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Aramco recognizes more than two dozen of the company’s safest drivers

Rising participation points to positive impact both on-the-job and off-the-job.

Aramco recognizes more than two dozen of the company’s safest drivers

The 25 winners of the Traffic Safety Excellence Award (TSEA), which promotes safe driving culture among Aramco employees, have been announced. The ceremony was held by the Traffic Safety Services Division (TSSD) on Feb. 2 at the Industrial Security Operation Academy.


Aali M. Al Zahrani, senior vice president of Safety and Industrial Security, recognized all of the winners as role models for traffic safety.


We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of participants, along with an improvement in the safety statistics, which programs like this have had an impact on.
— Aali M. Al Zahrani 


The TSEA started in 2019. One of the great examples validating the success of this award is the number of participants, which jumped from 1,288 participants in the first year, to 3,067 this year — a 138% increase.

Driven to reduce fatalities, improve driving conditions

The interactions from such healthy competitions like this will lead our communities in having a safe driving environment for everyone, which will contribute greatly to the quality of life expectations of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. 


TSSD initiatives, e.g., this award, is a great example on how drivers are already contributing to this vision, by maintaining violation-free records inside and outside the company, which ultimately helps in reducing on-the-job and off-the-job MVA fatalities and serious injuries.


This year, a new onward methodology was introduced, which required participants to be committed to having zero violation records, inside and outside Aramco, from March 1 to Dec. 31, 2022.


The award has three categories: The top five departments with the highest participation rates, and two that are based on age — 30 years old and below, and those aged 31 and above. 


Being a safe driver for 10 months will most likely lead to a habit for the rest of the driver’s life and make him or her a conscious driver adhering to traffic safety rules and regulations.
— Abdullah S. Al-Rajhi, director of TSSD


“This ceremony is a small token of thanks and appreciation to the winners and to the Aramco leadership who are part of the major downward trend of motor vehicle administration fatalities,” said Al-Rajhi. “I’m looking forward to having more participants in the 2023 TSEA, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.”


Ghali A. Dashisha, from the Western Region Distribution Department, who came in fourth in the 31 and above category, said, “The duration of this competition can help build in better driver behaviors. It wasn’t just a week when we were applying these precautions, it was throughout the year, which definitely impacted our driving habits.”

How the winners were judged

All participants went through a rigorous selection process, starting from having zero traffic violations for the award period, supported with an official document, in addition to having a valid driver’s license, registration booklet, and a valid vehicle inspection, and ending with a theoretical test.



Top 5 departments and number of participants

  1. Western Industrial Security Operation (591 participants)
  2. Northern Industrial Security Operation (229 participants)
  3. Southern Industrial Security Operation (172 participants)
  4. Fire Protection (148 participants)
  5. Industrial Training (126 participants)


30-years-old and below

  1. Lafi A. Musayab, Shedgum Gas Plant Department
  2. Fawaz M. Alboghail, Reservoir Description and Simulation Department
  3. Baqer S. Albahrani, Industrial Training Department
  4. Fawa A. Alqaisi, Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department
  5. Abdualilah I. Baiz, SA Reservoir Management Department 
  6. Refan S. Sahlawi, South Ghawar Producing Department
  7. Ismail H. Khairo, Projects Procurement Department
  8. Mortaja M. Soliman, Eastern Region Terminal Maintenance Department
  9. Othman S. Alkubaisi, Health Protection Division
  10. Abdullah M. Alessa, Eastern Region Distribution Department
  11. Mohammed Y. Jamjoom, Manifa Producing Department 
  12. Jaffar H. Talaq, Shaybah Producing Department
  13. Majid A. Almalki, Northern Area Community Services Department
  14. Abdulrhman A. Alasmari, Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department
  15. Mohammed R. Aldossary, South Ghawar Producing Department


Above 31-years-old

    1. Abdullah S. Nufaii, Process and Control Systems Department 

    2. Mortada A. Fardan, Project Management Office Department

    3. Yahya I. Ramadhan, NA Reservoir Management Department

    4. Ghali A. Dashisha, Western Region Distribution Department

    5. Mohammed A. Qahtani, Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department

    6. Majed I. Ghamdi, Fire Protection Department

    7. Khalid A. Ahmadi, Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department

    8. Wadea K. Hargi, Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department

    9. Jamal K. Almubarak, Manifa Producing Department

    10. Abdullah A. Alhamad, Ju’aymah NGL Fractionation Department


Caption from top photo: Winners of the 2022 Traffic Safety Excellence Awards pose for a photo during a ceremony in their honor. More than two dozen individuals and five departments were recognized for their safe-driving achievements over the past year.


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