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VIDEO: Gardening and Sanitation recognizes some of Dhahran’s most beautiful yards

Uniqueness and creativity in landscaping designs bring company community yards to life.

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Three Aramcons have been recognized in Community Services’ annual best yard competition in the Dhahran community. A panel of four judges selected this year’s winners, and judged the gardens’ condition based on set criteria, and the uniqueness and creativity in the landscaping designs.


Other environmental elements were also considered such as water conservation, xeriscaping, and the availability of upcycled items such as used furniture and containers.


For each winner, a “2022-2023 Best Yard Contest Winner” sign was placed in their garden declaring them a champion, and they each received a thankful gesture from the Dhahran Gardening and Sanitation Division.


“The main goal of the competition is to encourage our residents to support the company's green initiative, and share responsibilities. It was observed that several occupants have deployed in their yards the xeriscape sustainable concept in terms of the running maintenance and water conservation with beautiful landscape designs,” said Nabeel A. Dughaither, head of the Gardening and Sanitation Division. 


“Not only were the winners recognized for their spectacular creative yards’ designs, but also for their tremendous efforts made to preserve our green community. Sustaining a clean and healthy environment in the Dhahran community is the responsibility of all, and such social activities will spread positive environmental awareness among residents to upkeep their yards.

Thank you to our nature ambassadors,” said Hussain N. Hanbazazah, manager of the Central Community Services Department.


Winners of the Best Yard Contest

Geoffrey Rogers and his family took first place in the contest.

They created a small farm in their backyard, where they grow a lot of fruit and vegetables and make their own compost from natural waste.


To attain a sustainable yard, Rogers created a garden that has been growing with no water, and is instead filled with cacti.

In second place was Sadia Shahid, who has lived in Dhahran since 2019. 


Her yard is filled with different types of plants as she likes to experiment with foreign and local seeds. Shahid’s garden also contains beautiful water lilies with fountains spread across the yard.


“While growing up, I had nature all around me and I wanted to bring that wherever I live,” she said. 


“Gardening gives me a pure joy and I am glad to share it with others.”

Tammara Tahir, a teacher at the Aramco school who finished in third place, was praised by the judges for the aesthetics of her garden’s seating area. 


“I feel lucky by having a wonderful home and I want it to look nice, so I slowly started adding to my backyard and hand painting the walls and I’m still adding to it to make it look nicer.”


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