Your Voice

Your Voice: A story of patience, persistence, and a positive mindset

With the support of family, friends, and colleagues, Aramcon refuses to let catastrophic setback define him.

Your Voice: A story of patience, persistence, and a positive mindset

In 2009, I graduated from high school. A new journey was about to begin with my bachelor’s degree. I was highly ambitious and enthusiastic. 


One day, on my way to the registration office, I was involved in a serious car accident that made a striking difference to my future. I was transferred to the Aramco hospital in Dhahran. I thought that the injury to my back was mild, and I would be discharged after a routine examination. 


But I was informed by the doctors that I wouldn’t be able to walk again. It was shocking. My heart was beating, and I started sweating.


To be frank, those moments were tough. The memories are painful and cannot be erased easily. 


I am grateful to my family and friends who were supportive through this tough time. Because of my self-esteem and belief in God, I could overcome them and be optimistic about the future. Having a healthy mindset put me in a strong position.


After spending approximately four months in the hospital, I moved to Riyadh to start a treatment plan, which comprised an intensive physical therapy program. I followed the doctors’ instructions and began to regain my strength. I started to walk slowly, with simple tactics and tools.


Thanks to my family’s support, I decided to study for my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) — my original goal. It was challenging to coordinate between my classes and medical appointments. 


I put enormous effort into walking independently by using a frame, and I decided to return to driving. With persistence, I achieved my goals and graduated with a high grade. 


I was proud of myself and I realized I can overcome any imagined limits — life's opportunities are endless. 


I secured a job as an operations engineer with one of the leading manufacturers in the region — and with a salary that exceeded my expectations. I worked hard to prove myself and become one of the best performers in my division. I was still keen to learn more, so I applied for a master’s degree and was accepted into PMU. Both my family and superiors were supportive and helped me.  


One day, I received a call from Aramco’s recruitment office. I had been selected for an interview. I worked hard to prepare, and it was a lengthy meeting, full of technical and managerial-related questions. The interviewers were thrilled with my responses, and I was offered a job as a cost engineer. 


So now, I am working with the leading integrated energy and chemicals company, and I’m in the last semester of my master’s degree. 


Aramco is playing a significant role in my treatment journey, too. After the accident, I was not anticipating these outcomes. But because of patience, persistence, and a positive mindset, I have exceeded my goals.


I have learned a lot through this long journey — I am a firm believer that we can accomplish more by having faith in ourselves and maintaining a bright outlook. 


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