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This Day in History (1986): Al-Mujamma' Parking Lot

Changes come to the corner of Eastern Avenue and King's Road in Dhahran.

This Day in History (1986): Al-Mujamma' Parking Lot

From the Jan. 22, 1986, edition of The Arabian Sun


Changes are in the works for the corner of Eastern Avenue and King's Road, where Palm Circle will soon become a boulevard median as part of a plan to close off King's Road and realign Eastern Avenue; and where a new parking lot is due to open sometime this week, providing about 300 parking spaces for patrons of al-Mujamma'.


According to Facilities Planning, the new parking lot will have two entrances, one just south of Eastern Avenue, and the other across from Fursan Road.


One exit will be located at Fursan and a second exit between Fursan and Gazelle Street. To facilitate pedestrian access to al-Mujamma', two walkways will cross the parking lot, one from the Fursan entrance and one from King's Road at G Street.


The new lot was planned by Facilities Planning and was constructed by Southern Area Projects


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