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Your Voice: The simple pleasure of achieving

Being recognized by their peers or a promotion is an extra reward — not the end goal in itself.

Your Voice: The simple pleasure of achieving

Setting out to achieve something — normally a target we view as valuable in some way — is a worthwhile exercise. We normally enjoy the “chase” as much as the result. 


Those who naturally love to achieve are fortunate — they utilize their time and experiences happily, thinking and working toward their goals. They enjoy each and every step of what they are doing, visualizing clearly the outcome of their actions. 


For those to whom it doesn’t come naturally, remember: it’s not necessary to set grand or daunting objectives. No matter how big or small our target, pursuing a goal spurs us on — it focuses our minds and inspires us to create, produce and achieve.


For example, some people allocate time to daily exercise, determined to become fitter and healthier; others wash and clean their own vehicles and homes, or work in the garden. Turning assorted ingredients into a delicious dish is also an achievement.


People who do these things are not simply cleaning, cooking, growing, and organizing things with a view to the end result. They are enjoying their time while performing the associated activities. The eventual achievement is the icing on the cake.


It’s possible to see a parallel in work life: those who work hard and go the extra mile do so because they take enjoyment in their day-to-day responsibilities. Being recognized by their peers or a promotion is an extra reward — not the end goal in itself. 


We should be forever grateful to those who work hard and achieve; to those who have overcome challenges and obstacles to reach their goals and contribute to society. Without their efforts and ambition, the world would be a very different place. From the clean water we drink, to the technologies that make our lives easier and enjoyable round the clock, we have those who seek out achievements to thank.


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