Building on Berri

VIDEO: A look at how Berri Gas Plant transformed the way we’ve tapped into our gas resources

Forty-five years ago, we launched a new industrial era in the Kingdom by inaugurating the first operational gas plant. Today, we continue to build on that legacy.

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Berri Gas Plant (BGP) set the stage for our milestones in developing a global gas portfolio and become a model for our engineers to drive excellence and efficiency.


In 1975, as demand for gas grew across industrial sectors, we began developing the Master Gas System (MGS) to tap into the Kingdom’s gas reserves through a network of facilities and pipelines.


In 1977, BGP began operating, becoming the first facility in the MGS network. As gas demand surged, BGP underwent a series of major expansions over the years like the construction of ethane storage units in 1985 to mitigate supply shortages, almost doubling its initial production capacity of 620 million standard cubic feet of gas per day to 1.44 billion by 2005.


BGP’s success kickstarted the rapid development of more gas plants in the MGS.


Today, several of our facilities are recognized by the World Economic Forum for scaling technology to increase their efficiency, building on the legacy that Berri established.


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