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VIDEO: What are synthetic fuels and how is Aramco trying to develop them?

Company looks to support the reduction of global transport emissions and provide a more seamless energy and mobility transition.

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Amer Amer, Aramco’s transport chief technologist, speaks about synthetic fuels.


What are synthetic fuels?

Synthetic fuel is a broad class of hydrocarbon fuels that are chemically synthesized, or manufactured in this case, and they’re typically manufactured from hydrogen and CO2 that is captured either directly from the air or from industrial installations.


Can synthetic fuels support vehicles on the road today?

Aramco is working on the development of lower-carbon fuels as a drop-in technology. What this really means is that they could be rolled out to the world’s existing automotive fleet. This will help support the reduction of global transport emissions and can support a more seamless and organized energy and mobility transition. 


What is the impact of synthetic fuels in motorsport races?

We aim to test the performance of lower-carbon synthetic fuels in some of the most demanding conditions. For example, we’re working toward supporting the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to achieve its ambitions in sustainable motorsports. 


How can synthetic fuels contribute to lower-carbon transport?

We know from history that these advanced technologies that are developed for these kinds of races can trickle down and benefit mainstream transportation. We regard our motorsport partnerships as a development background for the introduction of innovative, lower-carbon fuels that are critical for the future of the entire transportation industry.


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