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RT Aramcon national karate competitor

Ahmad A. Alghamdi won a silver medal in his Under 75kg category.

RT Aramcon national karate competitor

Encouraged by the explicit emphasis Saudi Aramco places on the holistic wellbeing and overall development of manpower, Ahmad A. Alghamdi, an operator at Ras Tanura Refinery, keeps his passion for karate as his favorite sport and his commitment in the workplace side by side. 


Recently, Alghamdi won a silver medal in a karate tournament organized by the Saudi Arabian Karate Federation under the custody of the Saudi Ministry of Sport. Three hundred eighty-seven participants from 59 Saudi clubs competed in the tournament. Alghamdi participated in the “Under 75 KG” category and won the second place. 


Practicing sports and competing in national competitions teach me how to set clear goals, develop plans, and put these plans in actions to fulfil my ambitions.
— Ahmad A. Alghamdi


“This helps me a lot in my personal and professional life. I believe that sports and work complete each other and keep my life in balance,” added Alghamdi


Coach is an Aramcon, too

It is worth mentioning that the coach who helped Alghamdi to shine in karate is a Saudi Aramco employee as well. 


Naif S. Rashidi, who works in the Security Operations Division in Abqaiq, offers Alghamdi the skills and techniques that enable him to compete against the best karate champions in the Kingdom. 


“I have to admit that I find my job to train Alghamdi is not only easy, but also enjoyable due to the values and criteria we already follow in Aramco and have become our second nature,” said Rashidi. “Alghamdi is just a representation of the positive mindset that Aramco employees have and helps them to accept challenges, raise the bar of achievements, and make dreams come true.” 


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