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Your Voice: Are you engaged? Small improvements can make a big difference

Celebrate achievements, make a plan, figure out how you fit in the big picture and your work will feel more engaging.

Your Voice: Are you engaged? Small improvements can make a big difference

Do you ever feel like life — and particularly work — is passing you by? Are you struggling to find meaning? Maybe you’re experiencing reduced “engagement.” If so, what can you do about it? 


First, let’s dive a little deeper. Employee engagement is the relationship between an employee and an employer. An engaged employee is absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and proactive about furthering their organization’s goals.


To drive engagement, employers recognize and reward good performance, provide access to development opportunities, tailor benefit packages and prioritize employee well-being. Take Aramco’s Community Services, for example — the team of around 1,700 professionals, supported by over 14,000 contractor employees, which strives to provide a desirable environment for us all to work in and live.


If your colleagues appear engaged, and you’re still feeling at a low ebb, start with yourself. Focus on what is in your own hands to change. Consider the following:


• What motivates you besides financial rewards? Some people like to communicate, others are interested in pushing technological boundaries. Or perhaps leading others will drive you on. Speak with your colleagues or supervisors to explore opportunities to be challenged in your preferred areas.


• Celebrate your achievements and those of your colleagues. Take note of even small wins, and practice gratitude on a daily basis. Recognizing even moderate progress can improve engagement and happiness.


• Create a personal development plan, and focus on goals that require moderate effort but have a big impact. 


• Try to understand the big picture to match your skills with your team’s objectives. This will ensure you’re adding value and help you see the meaningfulness of your work.  


Most people want to feel happy and engaged at work and to leave the office with a sense of achievement. Remember, this takes effort, and if you’re feeling low, changes may not happen overnight. But making small improvements in even just one area can help you move closer to your goal.


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