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Aramco firefighter saves family from flames while on his way to work

Quick-thinking prevented disaster as Ahmed Al Ghamdi used his training from the Dhahran Fire Control Unit to extinguish car fire.

Aramco firefighter saves family from flames while on his way to work

The quick actions of a brave Aramco firefighter saved a Dammam family from harm as the vehicle they were traveling in caught fire. 


Ahmed Al Ghamdi was driving to work from his home in the Al-Shula neighborhood in Dammam when the 24-year-old noticed a flame coming from a vehicle in which a family of three adults was riding.


His quick-thinking saw him stop and use his car’s fire extinguisher to douse the fire and save the family from danger.


Al Ghamdi, who has served with the Dhahran Fire Control Unit for two years, then opened the hood and disconnected the vehicle’s battery to bring the emergency under control.



The brave firefighter has been honored by Aramco’s Fire Protection Department (FrPD) and was presented with a trophy.


A modest Al Ghamdi said: “The situation came about because of an electrical fault in the car. When I was driving behind the car, I saw a flame coming from the boot. I started to pull over behind the car. I then raised the alarm and evacuated the family from the vehicle and got my fire extinguisher and fire gloves which I had in my car.


“I opened the hood of the vehicle and began extinguishing the fire. I then disconnected the battery.”


Sense of duty

Fire Captain Adham Mariesel praised Al Ghamdi for his sense of duty outside of the workplace.


“Once he came to the station and told us the story I felt proud, because this is what you want from a firefighter. If you are capable to help, then please help. It reflects a good image of the entire department and the profession,” Mariesel said.


When you are a firefighter, it’s something that you carry with you outside of the workplace.
— Adham Mariesel


“Ahmed’s sense of duty extends beyond the workplace and this is what it means to be a firefighter. He was very capable to handle the situation and save a family of three,” he added.


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