VIDEO: ARC KAUST professionals share their goals and aspirations for a better tomorrow

Collaboration between Aramco and the King Abdullah University and Technology unlocks the potential of some of the Kingdom's and worlds finest and most dedicated experts.

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We expand our global research network to our latest collaboration with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).


The new research center located within KAUST combines the capabilities and talents of our people with those at the university to drive potential breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and create solutions for the energy sector.


The reason I find ARC (Advanced Research Center) at KAUST to be unique is because of its proximity to one of the largest research hubs today. I got the opportunity to innovate in more ways than I ever expected.
— Walaa Alhawaj, chemical engineer at ARC KAUST


Maha Nour, electrical engineer at ARC KAUST, "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is controlled by artificial intelligence, machine learning, digitalization, sustainability, automated robotics, and these are mainly the hot topics and core area of collaboration between Aramco and KAUST."


Another contribution is the successful deployment of the first solar thermal energy system at Aramco to displace liquid fuels and reduce CO2 emissions.
— Anas Bintin, research engineer at ARC KAUST 


Ameerah Bokhari, petrolem scientist at ARC KAUST, "The research program that I'm currently leading is focusing on developing a new generation of advanced materials that could benefit the industry in terms of cost reduction, CO2 mitigation, and the generation of oil field chemicals that support sustainability and the circular carbon economy in the industry.


ARC at KAUST builds on years of joint research and advanced technology, and accelerates the deployment of scientific breakthroughs in our operations. 


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