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This Day in History (1985): Al-Mujamma', Community Services Building opens in Dhahran

Built on the site of the old commissary and icehouse, the attractive building opened its doors in the fall of 1985.

This Day in History (1985): Al-Mujamma', Community Services Building opens in Dhahran

From the Nov. 20, 1985 edition of The Arabian Sun


Doors are opening one by one in al-Mujamma', Dhahran's new community services center.


Built on the site of the old commissary and icehouse, the new building has been designed with an emphasis on energy conservation and easy maintenance.


The most striking architectural feature of the building is the atrium skylight, which is as handsome as it is economical and energy saving. The roof-membrane roofing system, reinforced with fiberglass fabric, is resistant to ultraviolet light, more reflective of radiant heat, and easier and less costly to install than normal roofing.


The first occupants of the building are the personnel of the Central Community Services Department and the Food Services Department, who are housed on the upper floor. The ground floor will pull together many previously scattered community service operations.


Caption for top photo: An atrium skylight in al-Mujamma' brightens the stair area and patterns the interior with decorative geometric designs.


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