The Gift of Life

UPDATE: Donate blood, donate life

Corporate Blood Donation Campaign comes to Jiddah on Feb. 19.

UPDATE: Donate blood, donate life

Donating blood is one of the most valuable gifts that you can give to humankind, as this single gift can be life-saving and make a significant difference to the lives of so many individuals. 


Aramco has a long history of supporting and encouraging employees to give this gift. Starting from the establishment of the first Eastern Province blood bank in the 1960s by the Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization, the launch of mobile donor vehicles in 2017, to the annual blood donation campaigns.


But the need for this gift never ends, and the current blood supply is at risk. 


Due to the urgent level of need, and as part of the company’s efforts to engage employees to support communities in which we operate, Corporate Citizenship is organizing an annual Corporate Blood Donation Campaign. 


The division is working in cooperation with local blood banks and the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) blood bank to create blood donation events that support these organizations’ needs across the Kingdom. 


The campaign was held successfully in late 2022 in major Eastern Province company locations, and the Central Region in early 2023. The campaign recently stopped in  Jiddah in the Western Region.  


“Giving blood means a few minutes to you, but means a lifetime to somebody else. At Aramco, safety and supporting our communities are core to our values. We look out for our family members, our neighbors and colleagues alike,” said Nabeel A. Jama’, senior vice president of HR and Corporate Services. 


I encourage all who can donate to do so, as every drop can help make a difference in saving someone’s life.
— Nabeel A. Jama'

Pay it forward

Blood is the one component that unites us all as humans. Statistics show that at least 25% of people will need blood at least once in their lifetime. 


Donating blood is a noble humanitarian act and it is the responsibility of all community individuals who can give blood.
— Aqeel S. Otaibi, manager of the JHAH blood bank


“Donating can save the lives of thousands of patients in dire need of blood. A blood bank needs to have as many blood units as possible to be ready for those who need blood transfusions,” says Otaibi.


Become a superhero and do your part to give a gift.

Eastern Province:
Dhahran, Nov. 8-10
185 volunteers

Mubarraz, Nov. 28 and 29
137 volunteers

Ras Tanura, Dec. 7 and 8
133 volunteers

Central Province:
Riyadh, Feb. 5 and 6
51 volunteers
Western Province:
Jiddah, Feb. 19
55 volunteers


Superheroes saving lives 

There are many forms of superpowers. Some might say the best superhero power is the way blood donors inspire others by donating blood. It’s their selfless act that makes their power impressive. 


Here are the views of some superheroes sharing the reasons they donate, and their experiences of donating blood.


Asil W. Dairy, field compliance coordinator from the Southern Area Oil Operations Support Department

“When I was three years of age, my younger sister was diagnosed with blood cancer. 


“She needed blood platelet donors on a regular basis. Thankfully, my sister was cured from cancer. However, knowing the pain my sister has gone through over the years, seeking donors capable of giving platelets has affected me very deeply.


“I hear different stories and reasons about the preference of not donating, the reason that comes up the most is the fear of needles. First time donating, I was sweating as I saw the needle getting closer. I closed my eyes and felt the cold alcohol rubbing on my skin, and the pain of the small needle was only a pinch lasting less than a second. The process from start to finish was almost painless, smooth, and very quick, taking less than 30 minutes for a regular donation.”


Saad M. Alqahtani, progress development and evaluation analyst from Drilling and Workover Training

“Fifteen years ago, my father had surgery, and during that surgery he lost a lot of blood. At that time, the blood bank at the hospital requested us to reimburse the same amount of the blood.


“Everyone in the family and myself donated, and it was my first time to have donated. Since that incident, I knew how important it was to donate blood to save lives, and how it’s a satisfying feeling to know that the blood will go to people who are desperately in need.”

Mohammed I. Alotaibi, Security Group supervisor from the Northern Area Industrial Security Operations Department

“Many people have misconceptions about blood donation, some think it causes several side effects and it may harm their health, but they don’t realize it’s the complete opposite. Blood donation has helped improve my health for the better, and it’s also the most altruistic act there is.”



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