ASME 2022

Aramco transport technologies team drives dialogue at ASME sustainable mobility conference

Top scientists and engineers tackle broad array of transportation challenges with innovation and industry.

Aramco transport technologies team drives dialogue at ASME sustainable mobility conference

A team from the Aramco Research Center-Detroit recently delivered a keynote speech and moderated two panel discussions as experts gathered at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) annual engines conference to chart a path forward for the transport industry.


This year’s ICE (internal combustion engine) Forward Conference, held in Indianapolis on Oct. 16-19, was especially notable because it was held in part to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the technical society’s founding and to discuss the future of internal combustion engines.


Engineers and scientists focused primarily on ICE-based transportation systems — which encompass on-road cars and trucks, and off-road systems for rail, mining, and farming — and engaged in several days of presentations and analysis to chart a path forward as engines and fuel makers work to lower pollutant emissions and the greenhouse gas footprints of their products.


There was a considerable amount of enthusiasm among participants. Many said the engineering challenges that lie ahead are significant and expressed confidence that more innovation by bright minds will make substantial progress. 


Top scientists and engineers back together

This year’s ASME event returned to an in-person format after two years of virtual meetings caused by the pandemic. The event attracted scientists and engineers from leading universities, U.S. National Laboratories, Cummins, Stellantis, John Deere, Wabtec Corp, Progress Rail, which is part of Caterpillar Inc., and FTP Industrial, among others. 



“It was great to be back in-person at this event, which always brings together constructive, accomplished people to address large and complex challenges,” said David Cleary, senior research scientist and Detroit center leader, who discussed Aramco’s workstreams on the future of transportation in a keynote speech. 


We received a lot of positive feedback from participants about the innovative work Aramco is doing.
—David Cleary


On-road and off-road technologies

Two of Cleary’s colleagues in Detroit, Yu Zhang, who works on heavy-duty gasoline compression ignition

engines, and Yuanjiang Pei, who conducts advanced modeling to optimize designs for engines, organized, introduced, and moderated panel discussions on on-road technologies and off-road technologies. 


They also participated in technical sessions during the conference, along with other members of their team at the event. The team included Ji-Woong Park, Le Zhao, Rafael Lago Sari, and Anqi Zhang.


Participants broadly agreed the internal combustion engine has a firm place in the future — and that there is room for progress with regards to attaining higher fuel efficiency, exploring new synthetic fuels, and using hydrogen to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


Improved efficiency, cleaner fuels, hybridization, and advanced aftertreatment technologies are all areas of significant research for on-road and off-road engines alike, they said. 


Caption for top photo: Aramcons (from left to right) Yuanjiang Pei, Ji-Woong Park, Yu Zhang, Le Zhao, David Cleary, Rafael Lago Sari and Anqi Zhang gather in front of an engine the company designed at the ASME ICE Forward Conference. 


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