Tanween 2022

Ithra tackles the theme of ‘Collaboration’ in Tanween 2022

Artists and educators from around the world to share insights, experiences, techniques, and more during this year’s creativity season.

Ithra tackles the theme of ‘Collaboration’ in Tanween 2022

Starting this Thursday (Oct. 27), explore the creative process at Tanween, Ithra’s annual creativity season and the largest creativity season, with innovators, creatives, a nd global experts.


Celebrating “Collaboration,” Tanween 2022 will feature performances, demonstrations, talks, experiments, workshops, events, and much more.


“Collaboration” is a key part of the creative process that can be explored in many ways, but it is an unavoidable action. At some point, we will interact; we will give and take; we will intersect and impact others to be able to move onward.


Collaboration has been integral to humanity success, but is sometimes dismissed and its power forgotten. Tanween 2022 recognizes the need for a collaboration of culture, with nature, by technology and for society.


Among those participating this year include:


  • Harry Jeff, artist, technologist, and audio astronaut
  • Michael Eickhoff, dramaturgy and international relations, Academy for Theater and Digitality
  • Marcus Lobbes, director of the Academy for Theater and Digitally
  • Bill Burnett, executive director of the design program at Stanford University, adjunct professor in mechanical engineering at Stanford University
  • Dave Evans, lecturer in the Product Design Program at Stanford University; management consultant and cofounder of Electronic Arts
  • Rami Afifi, graphic artist
  • Alan Parkinson, founder and designer of Architects of Air
  • Nasser Alshemimry (DesertF!sh), audio-visual artist
  • Maryam Tariq, light and three-dimensional mapping artist
  • Arne Hendriks, artist, artistic research, and art historian


About Tanween

Tanween, Ithra’s flagship creativity season, is designed to celebrate, explore, and inspire the creative process. Since its inception, Tanween has connected change-making creatives and innovators with global subject matter in an inspiration-fueled environment to nurture creative potential, share ideas, and redefine what creativity means in a changing world.


Like “Disruption,” “Play,” “The New Next,” and “Tools,” this year’s theme of “Collaboration” will explore an aspect of the creative process.


For more on this year's event, visit https://www.ithra.com.


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