VIDEO: Aramco chairman speaks at Future Investment Initiative

New Aramco system, Archie, will make emission levels more transparent and traceable.

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His Excellence Yasir O. Al-Rumayyan, chairman of Aramco’s Board of Directors


In recent decades, industries as varied as health care, telecommunication, energy, and retail, have had an unprecedented pace of change. 


Living in an interconnected world means events in one corner of the globe have a ripple effect on others. To address this situation, we must approach it with data and analysis that leads us to conclusions that are evidence based. 


We can also deal with global problems like climate change with data-driven approaches.  


Aramco, for instance, is developing a system called Archie. It will make emission levels more transparent and traceable, from oil field to consumption. We must be open to innovation and find new ways of thinking about familiar problems together. 


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