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VIDEO: innovative engineering we deploy helps lower our carbon footprint

At the King Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services project, Aramco is lowering its carbon footprint.

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The King Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services is a world-class facility that manufactures, maintains, and repairs commercial vessels, crude carriers, and offshore rigs.


It is also one of our projects that lowers its carbon footprint through enhanced construction processes.




Producing one ton of cement generates one ton of CO2. We reduce CO2 emissions generated from cement production with the complex’s concrete mix by 30% in a process that partially replaces cement with fly ash and microsilica.


We also adopted advanced technologies such as carbon curing to further reduce our carbon footprint by 17kg per cubic meter.


By collecting waste CO2 from local industries and injecting it into the concrete, we produce stronger concrete that locks away the carbon dioxide.


These efforts advance our infrastructure practices and reflect our commitment to a more sustainable future.


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