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VIDEO: CEO speaks to EI Forum in London on the need for continued investment

Until alternative energy markets are more mature, there will be a critical need to invest in oil and gas.

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At the Energy Intelligence Forum in London, Aramco president and CEO, Amin Nasser, shed light on the ripple effects of an unbalanced energy transition plan, highlighting the need for cooperation to secure long-term energy needs.


What the CEO said

If you think about it, today, alternatives, solar and wind, only contribute 2% to the primary industry. So alternatives are not ready yet to shoulder a bigger portion of the energy requirements.


Until they are ready, we need to work in parallel. We need to develop our oil and gas, and make sure that we decarbonize our resources further by building carbon capture and sequestration. 


We are for climate protection.
— Amin Nasser


And until Plan B is ready — which is the alternatives, the renewables — we need to continue to invest in Plan A to make sure we don’t end up with a shortage of supply.


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