Joint Replacement

JHAH: Why total knee or hip replacement may be your best option

Surgery is often the most effective option for people with severe pain in their knee or hip joints.

JHAH: Why total knee or hip replacement may be your best option

The prevalence of osteoarthritis in adults over the age of 65 in Saudi Arabia is nearly 60% and is considered one of the leading causes of disability among this age group¹. Medication and a change in lifestyle are the recommendations most people are comfortable with; however, total knee replacement (TKR) surgery is often the most effective option for people with severe pain in their knee joints, functional disabilities or who have not responded to nonoperative treatment.


Unfortunately, TKR does not have a high adoption rate in the region. A cross-sectional study conducted in Saudi Arabia in 2017 to assess attitudes toward TKR surgery found that only one-third had knowledge of TKR even though factors such as age, income and a positive history of TKR or knowing someone who underwent the surgery had a positive impact on attitudes.


“In the early 2000s, patients were worried about not being able to walk, pray, or sleep, but to avoid surgery, they were reluctant to admit that they were suffering. People preferred to rely on pain medication,” explains Dr. Mojieb Manzary, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) consultant orthopedic and reconstructive surgeon. “Now, patients are more open to the idea of TKR because they hear and see success stories from people they know. 


With overall improvement in health care in the Kingdom, people are living longer and want to have a better quality of life. Walking is essential to that; therefore, greater demand for TKR is expected.
— Dr. Mojieb Manzary 


“Some of our patients have been misinformed regarding TKR and its implications. They think they are too old to have the procedure or that their symptoms are not severe enough. This is not true,” continued Manzary. “Results of a study conducted in Jiddah showed that patients 80 years and older had quality of life outcomes similar to patients in their 50s and 60s.” 


The benefits of the procedure, improvement in quality of life, pain relief and restoration of daily physical activity, are well-established in the medical literature and across medical registries.


Why consider TKR or total hip replacement at JHAH?

JHAH has established an enviable reputation as a world-class health care provider that uses leading technologies and treatments to enhance the lives of families across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. JHAH’s joint replacement team provides advanced, comprehensive care to help improve one’s quality of life, range of motion and mobility.  


At the center of JHAH’s joint replacement program is a team of subspecialized orthopedic joint replacement surgeons who have been trained at leading institutions in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The JHAH joint replacement team are fully trained and qualified to screen, test, diagnose, and provide treatment for hip and knee problems, including joint replacement surgery when necessary. 


The entire joint replacement journey is conducted in a multidisciplinary fashion that includes experts in nutrition, anesthesia, pain management, and endocrinology.


A critical factor for any joint replacement surgery is perioperative rehabilitation. At JHAH, rehabilitation is handled by a highly trained and skilled team of physiotherapists who use world-class equipment and techniques. A unique feature in JHAH’s approach is prehabilitation, a concept that offers patients a rehabilitation care and preoperative optimization plan before surgery. This plan is developed by a team of JHAH physiotherapists in partnership with the patient. 


JHAH provides a customized solution that is tailored to individual patient needs so each patient can return to presurgical fitness as quickly as possible. To read more about knee or hip replacement surgery, go to the JHAH Health Encyclopedia. 


Joint replacement for network registered (MDF) patients

Did you know that Aramco employees and their dependents who are registered with a JHAH network provider (MDF) can request to have their joint replacement surgery performed at JHAH? They can. Want to know more? Request a call-back from our team, and we will walk you through the process and eligibility criteria.


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