Tennis Standout

Young Aramcon tennis standout’s motto: ‘Don’t dream of winning; train for it!’

Issah Ali is considered one of the best players in his age in Saudi and Bahrain.

Young Aramcon tennis standout’s motto: ‘Don’t dream of winning; train for it!’

Issah Ali has always shown a talent for tennis, but this year, he has made the decision to focus on tennis full time while balancing online school in America and living in Dhahran.


Issah, 15, is son to Ameer Ali, who has been with Aramco for 12 years working as an actuary in HR. 


Issah started his tennis journey in Ras Tanura; and when his dad and family moved to Dhahran, his tennis became even more of a focus. Thanks to all of the coaches who have supported Issah on his journey, he is now performing on the Intentional Junior Tennis Federation (ITF) tour.


Issah has won junior tournaments in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the U.K., and is currently considered one of the best players in his age in Saudi and Bahrain. He is also a Top 10 player in the U.K. Lawn Tennis Association in his age category. The future is bright for this young man and thanks to Aramco facilities and coaches, he has really accelerated his development.  


“The weather, environment and support I have from the Aramco community is amazing. We have great facilities, coaches, and other amazing junior players in the Dhahran self-directed Tennis Group. I would love an indoor facility to play in, but am so lucky to have an amazing gym, pool, and courts. The success I am currently experiencing is definitely down to investment in community sports and facilities, so I would like to thank everyone who makes that happen in Aramco.” 


“I am just starting my tennis journey and learning lots from the experiences and opportunities on the ITF tour. I’m seeing some amazing places, while challenging myself and improving each week. 


My goal is to become a professional tour player and I am getting closer to that every day.
— Issah Ali


“I am very proud of Issah and what all of my boys are achieving in Aramco, especially in regards to education and sports options in the community,” said Amear Ali. “I am actively involved in the self-directed Tennis Group and we feel that we can really showcase this facility and host more events, collaborate with the community, and the Saudi Tennis Federation. 


“As a father, huge thanks go to Aramco, the coaches, and the team of people who enable Issah opportunities to develop as a young man and a sportsman,” Amear Ali added.


Issah is arriving back in-Kingdom from a tournament in Kuwait, where he has improved his ranking and is excited about his next ITF tournament in Bahrain. 

A day in the life of Issah

So, what does an Aramco dependent elite junior sportsperson’s day look like?


• Small breakfast  

• Morning gym session 45 mins – 1 hour 

• Snack 

• Stretching and activation 30 mins 

• Snack 

• Schoolwork, 3 hours 

• Lunch 

• Tennis Session, 1 hour

• Snack 

• Rehab and movement work, 30 mins

• Dinner 

• Tennis session, 1.5 hours 


Dedication and commitment to becoming a professional sportsperson means making sacrifices, managing time and learning great life skills. These skills can transition and improve your abilities in a workplace environment regarding managing workload, being adaptable, and self-driven to name just a few. 


“We have super talented athletes across the company and competitions like the Community Championship enable us to showcase these talents and find new stars. Over the coming months, we will share with you the amazing talent we have. It is my pleasure to be able to bring these stories to you,” added Matthew Williams, Community Championship Sports director.   


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