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Aramco promotes responsible business practices abroad

With offices in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and India, company carries out long-term citizenship projects across Asia.

Aramco promotes responsible business practices abroad

Headquartered in Beijing, Aramco Asia is a group of wholly owned subsidiaries of Aramco with offices in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and India. They offer a wide range of services, including crude marketing, new business development, joint venture coordination, procurement and supply chain management, among others.


The Asian subsidiaries continue to carry out an array of long-term citizenship projects that are dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of communities where the company operates. They also keep an eye on crises and natural disasters to swiftly respond with relief support for those in need. Additional volunteering and donation programs have been carried out to boost brand recognition and engagement among employees. 


Anwar A. Al Hejazi, president of Aramco Asia, commented on the regional citizenship efforts.


Asia is one of the fastest growing regions, and over the past decades, Aramco has demonstrated its resolve to expand activities beyond its petroleum operations, and its continued commitment to contribute to the development and growth of regional prosperity.
—Anwar A. Hejazi


Encouraging waste recycling behavior among households in China

As China’s long-standing and most reliable crude oil supplier, Aramco has contributed to the country’s energy security for well over three decades. 


The Aramco China team has initiated many citizenship programs over the past years, and more recently launched the “Hand-in-Hand” waste sorting program in Xiamen in July 2021. The 12-month program featured a variety of activities like science communications, campus talks, community theme day, environmental protection brochures and community forums. By June this year, the program has reached 50,000 students in 55 schools, impacting some 400,000 family members. 


The China office has also carried out a number of other programs to offer underprivileged children with access to better educational and health care opportunities. In late 2021, the first employee donation program was launched, in which approximately 20% of the Beijing employees participated. With support from a local charity organization, the employee donation program strived to offer children in need with daily necessities like clothes, books, electronics, and toys. 


Making school zones safer for students in Korea

Aramco has firmly maintained its position among Korea’s top crude suppliers and invested in two major players in Korea’s downstream sector: S-OIL and Hyundai Oilbank.


In 2022, the Korea team launched the “Safer Routes to School” program to enhance traffic safety for young children near schools in Ulsan. The team installed 50 speed limit signs and painted 50 safety sidewalks to alert drivers to the presence of children. The program also provides bi-annual safety awareness programs to educate students about how to commute to schools safely. 


Later this year, employees in Seoul also plan to volunteer in painting additional safety sidewalks and installing speed limit signs around schools.

Protecting coral reefs in Japan

Being the oldest customer of Saudi crude in the region, Japan received the world’s first shipment of blue ammonia from Saudi Arabia in September 2020. 


The Aramco Japan team continued their long-standing support to coral reef conservation in an effort to ensure the future for the endangered coral reefs around the waters off the coast of Okinawa. 


The project has entered into its second phase following the successful outcome of the 10-year first stage, which mainly focused on education and monitoring. A kickoff ceremony for coral aquaculture transplantation project was held in Okinawa in June 2022 to highlight coral revitalization through cultivation and planting. It plans to plant approximately 900 pieces of coral by local fisheries and the hospitality industry.

Distributing free meals to COVID affected people in India 

India, one of the world’s largest crude importers, is a key market for Aramco with an 18% market share for crude. 


The Aramco India team has partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation on a COVID-19 Relief Feeding Program to offer nutritious food to people affected by the pandemic. 


This volunteering activity is a part of the donation by Aramco to the Foundation for funding over 675,000 cooked meals across the country to economically disadvantaged people during these challenging times.


Laying hope for the future 

Aramco Asia continues to invest in social programs to build trust with local communities and contribute to the sustainability and welfare of communities. Through closer cooperation with local partners, the company has delivered corporate value and commitment to the locals, laying hope for the future. 


Caption for top photo: The Aramco China team launched the “Hand-in-Hand” waste sorting campaign in Xiamen, a coastal city in Southeast China’s Fujian province in July 2021. This waste recycling awareness program strives to encourage waste recycling behavior and promote the low carbon lifestyle among children and their parents.


—By Paul Zhang in China, Jeff Kim in Korea, Yoko Ishii in Japan and Shubby Yadav in India


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