International Coffee Day

VIDEO: In the year of #SaudiCoffee2022, we celebrate a heritage that’s been passed down for generations

Discover how Aramco’s citizenship coffee initiative enables local farmers to develop their craft and make a difference.

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Coffee is part of our heritage.


The most important factor in planting coffee beans is the farm itself.


I love farming and I love coffee plants. 


Our guests are always welcomed with coffee; it’s how we greet them.


I grew up with this plant. The more time passes, the more I feel connected to it.


In the past few years, over 900,000 coffee seedlings have been provided to farmers in Jazan and surrounding areas.
— Dafer A. Al-Fahad, General Director of the Jazan Mountains Development Authority


The Jazan Mountains Development Authority established seven coffee-seedling nurseries. Every morning, workers arrange the seedlings based on their sizer and apply modern industrial practices to ensure that farmers receive well-developed and healthy seedlings.
— Aisha Al-Ghazwani, engineer, Jazan Mountains Development Authority


Aramco’s coffee planting and production initiative in the mountains of Jazan elevates rural farmers and expands their production. More than 900 farmers benefit from it.
— Masoud Al-Maliki, vice president of the Al-Dayer Charitable Association


There is a wide variety of coffee in the market today, and I am proud to see Saudi coffee beans of the highest quality in cafes.
— Jamaan Al-Maliki, barista


With the added investment and support, there is greater potential to expand. At this rate, Saudi coffee will be competing in the global market.
— Youssef Al-Maliki, barista


This initiative’s success is expanding from farm to farm inspiring more farmers to join the initiative.
— Abdulrahim Meshari, PhD. 

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