National Day

Abqaiq bowlers commemorate National Day

No-tap and FUNGO tournaments draw scores to the Friendly City lanes.

Abqaiq bowlers commemorate National Day

As Saudi Arabia marks its 92nd National Day, two remarkable events transpired in the Friendly City of Abqaiq on Sept. 22 and 24. 


Both events sparkled with green colors as the bowling enthusiasts and residents swarmed Abqaiq Community’s bowling alley to compete and have a good time in the Family Bowling Fun game. Through the collaboration of the Abqaiq City Bowling Association (ACBA) and Abqaiq Recreation Services, the event garnered success in promoting the company’s mission to build positive influence and creating authentic connections among employees across Aramco communities with the spirit of patriotism. 


On Sept. 22, the first day of activities, Keshab Baruah, ACBA’s vice president, warmly welcomed all the participants by emphasizing the value of citizenship and patriotism. The tourney was ceremonially bowled by Derrick and Liz Smith — a couple who are soon to be back to their native land in Scotland for retirement — partnered by Mathew and Ritzie Hope. Afterwards, the event was officially opened by ACBA president, Nestor R. Villaruel.


Part of the first day’s activity is a “9 No-TAP” game for two rounds where Baruah took the championship crown in the Men’s A Division and likewise, Peter Canceran for B Division. For the Women’s Division, Liz Smith won as the top in the A Division while Reyzel Canceran from B Division. Meanwhile, the 3-6-9 bowling rules were applied for the second squad. 


The men’s top scorers were: Marvin Oanes, Lito Tugano, Baruah, Quirino Santiago, Darwin Javier, and Devendra Darewala. For the women’s division, the top scorers were: Ritzie Hope, Loida Tabias, Reyzel Canceran, and Karen Caraig. Villaruel congratulated and handed out the prizes for their remarkable performance. 


More than 50 individuals of ACBA’s active members from different areas participated in the games. The closing ceremony and a banquet were held with fun and with the presence of Saudi Nationals. Participants were then invited to close the 92nd Saudi National Day event with a sumptuous dinner



On Sept. 24, Abqaiq Recreation Services organized a FUNGO Bowling game were participating players continued displaying their flair through the grueling matches. Spectators consisting of friends and family members delightedly cheered the event. 


Jigz Managa was the lone winner in the Adults’ Division, taking the FUNGO crown while Nikita Baruah of the Teens’ Division won first place. A No-TAP 8 & 9 game followed where one highlight was a strike thrown by Villaruel in the 10th frame. Such instances led to a tie with Levi Cueto to win the first place in the Men’s Division. From the ladies’ group, Cristy Oanes, with more than 400 pin falls in two sets, won first place. Other winners included Nitoy Tidalgo and Ritzie Hope.


At end of these successful events, the ACBA executive board through the ACBA president, expressed their appreciation to Abqaiq Plants management as a sponsor and who provided support to organize the event. ACBA considers such occasion as an opportunity to express its support to the company objectives through sports, and also to reach out to other community members bringing them a wonderful bowling experience. Appreciation is further expressed to the Recreations Services Unit for their usual support. 


Winners were congratulated and all participants were gratified for sharing their valuable time in joining the event in celebration of the Kingdom’s 92nd Saudi National Day.   


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