Memory Lane

Memory Lane: From record oil production to big stacks to video streaming, decades of progress

Three of the tallest steel stacks in the Eastern Province went into place at the Sulfur Plant area of the 'Uthmaniyah Gas Plant in 1980.

Memory Lane: From record oil production to big stacks to video streaming, decades of progress
Here are some of the top headlines in The Arabian Sun and Sun and Flare over the decades.

SEPT. 27, 1950


Robert A. Eeds, assistant general manager (Oil Operations) arrived in Saudi Arabia on July 23, 1950. His background covers 23 years in the oil profession, 13 of which were spent in foreign assignments.


Robert Eeds was born in Texas in 1907, the very region of the oil belt, and after finishing high school, he worked in the Texas oil fields for six years.


With the necessary funds, he entered Texas A&M and in 1933 obtained his degree as a petroleum engineer. From the spring of 1933 until 1937, he was with the Humble Oil and Refinery as an engineer, driller, and tool pusher; he transferred to Standard Vacuum Oil Company on Jan. 1, 1938, and spent from 1938 to 1941 in Sumatra, Java, as District superintendent.


He transferred to Aramco on June 4, 1950.


Aileen Carter and Robert A. Eeds were married in Singapore by the colonial Secretary in February 1939. Mrs. Eeds is a graduate of the Sulross Teachers College in Texas. They have two sons, Robert R. Eeds, born Oct. 23, 1942, and Walter B. Eeds, born on Oct. 2, 1945.


It didn't take long for the Eeds to fit into the Saudi Arabian scene. Already Bob’s colleagues are seeking and appreciate his advice gained through his wide experience in other foreign fields.


Oct. 5, 1960


Aramco established a total of four new records in oil operations during September. These include:


  1. A one-day production record
  2. A new record in crude oil shipments
  3. A new daily average production record for one month
  4. A daily average record in refinery runs for one month.

The new one-day production record of 1,397,761 barrels was set Sept. 30, breaking the previous high one-day production mark of May 21, 1960, when a total of 1,367,407 barrels was produced.

Sept. 30, 1970


New muscle was added to the port’s fleet of tugs with the arrival of Marjan I, a 4,000 hp vessel that is twice as powerful as any tug currently in Aramco’s service.


It’s expected that the new heft will increase berthing efficiency, particularly when mammoth tankers of 200,000 dwt and larger are being nudged to their mooring spots. To keep pace with the growing number of such tankers, the company has ordered Marjan II, a sister ship, which will be delivered in early 1972.


Oct. 1, 1980


Three of the tallest steel stacks in the Eastern Province went into place recently in a series of lifts conducted at the Sulfur Plant area of the ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant. Each of the stacks weighs 133 tons, is 17 feet in diameter at its base, and is 250 feet tall, or roughly the height of a 25-story building.


To conduct the lift — which was six weeks in the planning — two 300-ton cranes and one 150-ton crane were brought to the site and fixed in stance positions that had been calculated in advance to ensure that the stack would be lifted in perfect vertical alignment with its foundation.

Sept. 27, 2000


Imagine how much time and money could be saved and how effectively knowledge could be shared if employees could attend corporate presentations, meetings and professional development, or computer training courses at their workstation instead of traveling to other buildings, districts, or even countries.


Rather than going to a technical exchange meeting, presentation, or course, you could “be there” while still at your desk.


The consequences are mind-boggling — and no longer a pipedream. Aramco recently proved that it has the infrastructure and the technology to make that possible, thanks to Information Technology.


The technology used to bring live broadcasts to your workstation is called video streaming.


“This technology is particularly advantageous for events involving large numbers of people, like the Aramco logo launch or a technical exchange meeting,” said Ibrahim S. Mishari, Information Technology vice president.


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