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Advanced analytics, AI drive environmental efforts in ‘Uthmaniyah

Aramco earns GPA’s 2022 Environmental Excellence Award.

Advanced analytics, AI drive environmental efforts in ‘Uthmaniyah

The ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant, one of the world’s largest gas processing plants, was recognized by the GPA Midstream Association with its prestigious Environmental Excellence Award during its annual convention in San Antonio, Texas.  


‘Uthmaniyah was commissioned in 1981 as part of Aramco’s Master Gas System to process associated gas from oil wells. The facility is an example of Aramco’s application of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to increase productivity while enhancing safety, reliability, and efficiency of its operating facilities. 


The GPA Midstream Association Environmental Excellence Award is a project-based award honoring companies demonstrating initiatives and leadership in managing their environmental affairs in midstream sector activities. The Association has been shaping the midstream sector of the U.S. energy industry since 1921, setting and adopting standards for the processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.  


Aramco has been an active member in support of midstream industry standards and sharing of technical knowledge and developments. This award recognizes the company’s increased footprint in the midstream sector, its commitment to operational excellence, and its role as an integrated energy in all three stages of industry operations.  


We are proud to have been selected for this prestigious Environmental Excellence Award from such a reputable organization. This award reinforces Aramco’s commitment to managing its environmental footprint associated with its operations.
Fahad S. Dossary,
manager of the ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Department


Several clean energy projects have been implemented at ‘Uthmaniyah since 2005, including the Flare Gas Recovery system and the SuperClaus Sulfur Recovery process, a heat and power cogeneration program. As a result, gas flaring emissions were reduced by 95%, sulfur dioxide emissions were reduced by 75%, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 30%, and ultimately energy consumption was reduced by 50%. ‘Uthmaniyah’s energy efficiency was substantially improved with a total cumulative energy consumption savings of 131 million Btu.


In 2019, the World Economic Forum recognized ‘Uthmaniyah as a “Lighthouse” manufacturing facility for its leading technology and applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  


Aramco has diversified its portfolio with emphasis on developing its midstream and downstream business by building and integrating a network of refineries and petrochemical facilities across suitable geographies.

Last year, the Haradh Gas Plant was honored with the 2021 Environmental Excellence Award and Aramco has earned awards in other categories from the GPA Midstream Association, including safety and energy conservation. 


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