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Your Voice: The value of fresh perspectives

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Your Voice: The value of fresh perspectives

Since the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 has marked a systematic shock to the global economy, presenting challenges in its path, and in businesses to overcome its hindering effect on global economic growth.

Strategic foresight was a challenge during the initial phase where the global medical and scientific communities where trying to decode COVID-19 for a better understanding of the disease, while at the same time work on medical procedures to mitigate against its widespread infection to the most vulnerable members of societies.

The scientific approach to understand a problem before any treatment remains crucial.

Openness to differences, adaptability, collaboration and inclusion were the cornerstones to turn around an ambiguous journey toward clarity, and hopefully focus on the “new normal” when it comes to life and work. 

The experience pre- and post-2020 will always be a point of reference to self-reflect as a means to grow, highlight learning moments, and guide our internal compass if doubt creeps in.

For us to overcome adverse changes and deal with life’s challenges, we have to accept the vulnerable states we can be in. Humbleness and gratitude can be reflected in the way we invest our time and resources. During the pandemic, we were benefiting from interconnectivity on a global scale that was not known or experienced at any prior time of human civilization.

Reflecting on how to assess how the spillover effects of innovation has benefited us, can somehow fuel us to continue the journey and keep up the momentum.

The beauty of innovation is that it can have a multiplier effect where more types of technology may be paired to create and advance further capabilities.

The integration of nature’s movement has even inspired humans to engineer similar movements to solve problems related to the movement of resources or even introduce better surgical interventions to seal internal wounds. 

Last but not least, a healthier relationship with change, learning, and innovation will help us lead ideas and projects with openness to new experiences where momentary failure does not mean a cancellation of a whole project.

It may simply mean that the time has not come yet and a new and fresher prospective is needed.

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