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VIDEO: Aramcons stay the course, follow rich history of volunteering

Hundreds of Saudi Aramco Golf Association volunteers promote golf Kingdomwide.

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Discover how our volunteering opportunities enable our people to make an impact while giving back to their communities.


Nabil Al-Nuaim, Aramco’s vice president of Digital Transformation and SAGA chairman


Golf is a game of discipline, responsiveness, and delivery.


Golf is all about team effort, working together, and enjoying the game.


Volunteering is a very important anchor of any golf tournament.


Golf volunteering in Aramco started more than 57 years ago.


Volunteering is really a source of inspiration and encouragement.


Minhaj Khan, SAGA vice chairman


SAGA is an acronym for Saudi Aramco Golf Association.


SAGA’s primary role is to really promote golf with Aramco, as well as within the Kingdom.


We have close to 325 volunteers who’ve participated in golf. 


In golf, volunteers play a very important role. Volunteers do a variety of duties. They are involved in scoring, marshaling, crowd management, managing the scoreboard, as well as helping players.


Fahad Mulaik, volunteer


Volunteering is the process of giving back to the company, giving back to the community of golf.


Sung Ja Kim, volunteer


It’s been really great. I got to meet a lot of people on my buggy, and it’s great to see a lot of the great players on the ground.


Ed Devlin, volunteer


And again, this time around, we’ve been fortunate enough to actually not just have scoring marshals but we’ve also been able to caddy, which I was able to do for the last three days. 


Jacob Bury, volunteer


So, Aramco actually facilitates the whole thing for a large group of volunteers. They provide transportation for us to come out here. They encourage us to be involved.


Anne Kiernan, volunteer


The support they give is absolutely phenomenal all around the world.


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