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Your Voice: How one’s personal philosophy helps them succeed

Five philosophies that will help you in your journey to continue advancement.

Your Voice: How one’s personal philosophy helps them succeed

A concise, well-defined philosophy helps give you the guidelines and boundaries that keep you on track. A personal philosophy is a collection of beliefs that we follow in our daily lives. These ideas are nothing more than a lifelong resolve to go far beyond self-improvement.


The significance for having self-philosophy is that it broadens one’s understanding and enthusiasm of things. It can provide self-awareness and a sense of fulfillment. It can bring a new level of understanding to reading and discussion. It has the potential to lead to self-discovery, conscious expansion, and self-renewal. Personal philosophies can be of many types, each type leading toward a certain specific goal whether it be self-renewal or to get to know yourself and your beliefs better.


To achieve success is the most common reason why individuals endeavor themselves. There are five philosophies that will help you in your journey to continue advancement. First, you should start out by defining what success means to you. What do you strive for when success comes to mind? Many good leaders and leadership gurus will advise listeners that you must first define what success is. This is an excellent activity that many people use as part of their vision and purpose for any business enterprise. 


Next, keep in mind the big picture. This expression usually means that instead of focusing on the minute details, one should consider the future or other parallel concerns. When “creating a picture” of the scene in your mind, the details may not always represent the whole story; there are usually other aspects to consider. In terms of one’s personal philosophy, it means that no matter how passionate you are about achieving that one goal, you must also consider other aspects of your life, and never forget the purpose of life, which is to live for yourself and enjoy ... after all, who are you trying to achieve these big dreams for ... yourself. So never beat yourself up over minute things, even if they seem troublesome.


Then, treat everyone well. This is a precious key to success, and a golden rule. Treat others in the same way that you wish to be treated. Some people may not be kind to you. The best thing you can do is cut those people out of your life right away. No one wants to spend time or work with people who are dishonest, unpleasant, or behave in ways that are inconsistent with how you want to be treated. On the other hand, everyone should be honest, respectful, and patient with the people they meet and the people with whom they work. 


Following this, maintain a sense of humility. Intellectually keeping a perspective that does not place you at the center of the universe will benefit you for a variety of reasons. First, not being the center of the universe allows you to take yourself less seriously, which allows you to laugh more and take more risks. Failure happens to everyone, and it isn’t always fatal. Finally, a sense of humility keeps your mind open to new ideas. A person who is curious and listens can learn a lot. Also, people enjoy working with someone who isn’t scared to try new things, listen to others, and value the opinions of others. A little humility can go a long way toward your success. Ultimately, take pride in your accomplishments.


There will be several milestones along the way as you progress through your many channels of successful efforts. Don’t be reluctant to pause and acknowledge modest victories along the path. Periodically pausing to reflect on how far you’ve come can be really motivational. 


Anvesha is a ninth-grade student at the American School of Dhahran.


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