International Youth Day

Celebrating International Youth Day by focusing on Aramco’s young professionals

Read what Aramco’s young professionals have to say about what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Celebrating International Youth Day by focusing on Aramco’s young professionals

International Youth Day is commemorated every year on August 12. This day is dedicated to all young men and women and the role they play into making the globe a better place. Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries in empowering its youth.


According to the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia, youth in the age group of 15-34 years represent the highest percentage of the Saudi population.


The Kingdom is on course to be one of the youngest nations on Earth by 2030.


Aramco’s young professionals

It is no surprise then, that at Aramco, there are thousands of gifted and talented young professional employees that are making their marks on the company across all business lines. In alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030, Aramco plans to invest in their youth and embrace their talents by providing special programs and opportunities dedicated for young professionals such as: The College Degree Program for Non-Employees, the Young Leaders Advisory Board, and the Knowledge Transfer program.


Here are the views of some of Aramco’s bright young employees on the important topic of what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Always learn more before making a decision (utilize the 40%-70% rule of decision making). Achieving high goals are all a result of collaborative work (be cooperative and build a network). Finally, keep in mind the following: work demands quality, and colleagues appreciate good manners.
— Mohammad A. Aldossary, engineer, Downstream
Without discounting the importance of knowledge, the three most important elements are positive attitude, supportiveness, and professionalism. I think they are important because they stem from within. It is always about what we bring to the workplace environment.
— Ziad S. Aljewair, financial analyst, Finance, Strategy and Development, Treasury
First comes responsibility and being accountable for your work actions and behaviors. Second is communication. Be open, meet new people and build strong connections. Finally, work-life balance, satisfaction and good functioning in your professional as well as personal life is necessary to optimize productivity.
— Raghad A. Alharbi, engineer, Transportation Technologies Division in the R&DC
In my opinion, the top elements one can carry in the workplace are accountability, humility, and resilience. Accountability drives ownership of work and fosters trust between team members. Humility in the workplace fuels openness to receive feedback and learn from others, and resilience, which is the human capacity to meet adversity and setbacks, and to overcome work challenges and adapt to different work environments.
— Shams A. Alyahya,  business analyst, Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center (Wa’ed)
One thing to always keep in mind is the image you have to show in your professional path, giving a good impression reflects on you who are in and outside of the workplace. Additionally, having a sense of ownership in the workplace is essential in having pride and good care of anything you deliver professionally. Finally, building good relationships and having networking skills are pivotal in growing and competing with the workforce around you.
— Bader I. Alotaibi, engineer, Khursaniyah Gas Plant
I’ve found that my career development has really relied on three things. The first being having a good relationship with your team (and your leader), meaning having clear communication about your (and their) expectations and aspirations on a routine basis.
Second, expanding your network and working with people outside your team or even your department can bring in lots of fresh ideas, resources, and opportunities for collaboration that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Finally, and most importantly, it’s been vital for me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For young professionals especially, it can be easy to find yourself working overtime with fewer responsibilities at home preventing us from clocking in extra hours, but it’s essential to take time to replenish your energy away from work.
—Dana B. Dabbousi,  strategy & market analyst,  ESG Strategy and Reporting

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