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Jafurah Program contractor Hyundai signs contract to train young Saudis

The National Industrial Training Institute will prepare the trainees in fields ranging from electrical and HVA to welding and administration.

Jafurah Program contractor Hyundai signs contract to train young Saudis

One of Aramco’s contractors in the Jafurah Program, Hyundai, has recently signed a three-year long-term agreement to fund training for 1,000 young Saudi men and women. The training program is a critical step toward implementing the company’s Saudization goals, and its support for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which strives to strengthen the Saudi economy through localization and through creating new jobs for Saudis. 


Under the agreement, Hyundai will commit to ensuring that young Saudis receive training in both technical and administrative disciplines, including safety. The training will be conducted at the National Industrial Training Institute (NITI) at its complex in al-Hasa, utilizing NITI’s curriculum, which is based on Aramco standards. The training will apply the required instructional technology, computers, and related equipment to deliver the program effectively.


Associate and 24-month diplomas

This training program will be delivered in two categories, an associate diploma for a period of nine months or a 24-month diploma in the following trades: electrical, mechanical, HVAC, operations, instrumentation, telecommunication, metals, welding, safety, pipefitting, rebar repair, scaffolding, carpentry, and administration. 


Abdulkarim A. Al-Ghamdi, vice president of Project Management (PM), emphasized the imperative goal of localization, and the specific preparation/development of the contractors’ Saudi workforce. He also stressed the point of partnership and development between PM contractors and local institutes to cater specific programs to enrich and provide resources required to meet current and future demand for Aramco’s capital projects. NITI’s cooperation with all the various contractors has resulted in these historical agreements, as the Jafurah contractor’s MoU for training 1,000 Saudis marks the highest supported program by a single contractor with NITI.


Abdullah A. Al Sughaiyer, general manager of Upstream Gas Project Management, conveyed management’s commitment to the development of a Saudi workforce in the construction industry and expressed his appreciation to NITI and the participating contractors, specifically Hyundai.


Integration into workforce

The program strives to qualify the young Saudi trainees as technicians in their specified disciplines, with an acceptable level of English, math, and computer skills, as well as being well-disciplined and armed with safety awareness and the desired work ethics.


Mathkar S. Alotaibi, manager of the Jafurah Gas Projects Department, stressed the importance of working together with NITI and the contractors in developing specific tailored programs, which will provide the needed skills to young Saudis, who will be integrated in the workforce immediately upon graduation. Alotaibi also mentioned the Jafurah Program’s future Saudi workforce demand, which is in alignment with the company’s goal of maximizing Saudization. 


Caption for top photo: From left, Waleed K. Al-Khudhair, managing director NITI and National Power Academy; Mathkar S. Al Otaibi, Jafurah Gas Projects Department, manager; Wail A. Al-Jaafari, chairman of NITI and National Power Academy; Abdullah A. Al Sughaiyer, general manager of Upstream Gas Project Management, and Myungjin Oh, general manager, Hyundai, pose following the signing of a contract to train young Saudis for work on the Jafurah Program. (Photo by Abdullah H. Alsihati/MPD)


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