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Your Voice: Time for a moment of gratitude

Sometimes all it takes is an unplanned moment to realize how fortunate we really are.

Your Voice: Time for a moment of gratitude

It was close to dinner time, and I was experimenting with a new recipe for my family. The chicken looked delicious; all it needed was a little touch of gold, which could be achieved instantly with a few minutes of broiling. 


As I pushed the tray back in the oven for broiling, it fell. I frantically tried to push it back without realizing that my knees were pushing the oven door back at the same time. 


The last thing I recall was the numbness in my right arm. My Goodness — a second-degree burn! I immediately took out the tray, turned the oven off, and put my hand under running water to ease the pain. I ran upstairs to grab my first-aid kit, which is always accessible in one of the dresser’s drawers. I tried to keep my senses intact and treat my burn with whatever I could find. 


Somehow, the ointment for the burn was missing. I grabbed the triple antibiotic ointment and covered the burn as much as possible. As soon as I applied the cream, I could feel the sharp pain. However, I remained brave in that moment and fought back the tears. I slowly retreated downstairs and acted as if nothing had happened.


Nonetheless, my family could notice it right away by looking at my face. My husband drove me to the clinic. Luckily, it did not take more than a few minutes to get registered and seen by the doctor. He sent me to the dressing room for proper treatment of the wound. Upon beginning treatment with the sterilizing solution, the intense pain was enough to bring tears in my eyes. At that moment, I truly felt for all burn patients and the pain they must have felt during their accidents. My injury was such a minor one compared to the thousands of burn victims we often read or hear about.


That very moment was enough to make me realize the blessing of the Almighty upon me, so I thanked Him from the core of my heart for keeping me safe from what could have been a severe trauma. 


My friends endowed me with an endless supply of delicious food each day to ensure that I would not have to cook and would remain well-rested. This kind and selfless gesture made me feel humbled and appreciative toward every one of them. 


Nevertheless, the sleepless nights I had because of the pain inflicted by my small wound made me think of all the people who may have ever suffered from such an injury. I ask my God to help ease their pain. 


This one moment was enough to make me realize how important it is to keep thanking the Almighty for the countless blessings we are granted, and to show appreciation toward our loved ones. This remains as a reminder to be grateful not just at times when we are facing hardship or calamity, but for at least a moment each day.


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