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VIDEO: The Beekeeper who sweetened his destiny

Wael, like many new beekeepers, benefitted from Aramco’s citizenship initiatives.

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In al-Baha lived little Wael who saw the world as a perfect jigsaw where everyone had their own role, their own place, and felt part of something bigger.


But, as he grew up, he realized the world is much more complex, he thought.


And finding his own place wasn’t going to be easy.


To support his family, Wael started working in an office, but instead of feeling fulfilled, he started feeling more mismatched and lost.


Until, some months later, a colleague showed him a beehive he built with his father.


Wael was mesmerized by that buzzing community where every bee knew exactly what their role was.


Noticing Wael’s interest, the colleague told him about the Association of Beekeepers Cooperative, where Aramco supports new beekeepers with the training, tools, and equipment they need.


Excited, Wael decided to take part in the initiative. Thanks to the support he received, Wael built his first beehive — and many more — launching a successful honey business and finding his own way to fit in the world around him.


How Aramco Helps
We provide local beekeepers with the tools and modern training needed to hone their craft. Our citizenship initiatives help equip local communities with the resources to develop a valuable micro-industry while making a sustainable living.
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