Celebrating ‘Id

Aramco-sponsored students celebrate ‘Id al-Adha worldwide

More than 2,200 students across 16 countries participate in first-ever global celebration sponsored by Training and Development.

Aramco-sponsored students celebrate ‘Id al-Adha worldwide

Students sponsored through Aramco Training and Development (T&D) recently celebrated ‘Id around the world, with events for participants in the company’s Chapter 14 program sponsored on campuses in 16 countries.

It was the first time Aramco organized ‘Id al-Adha celebrations for Chapter 14 participants around the world, covering more than 2,200 students attending 164 academic and nonacademic training institutes in Saudi Arabia and outside the Kingdom.


Our ‘Id celebration was a chance for T&D to give our students studying abroad a little bit of home and familiarity and to provide something enjoyable for our in-Kingdom students.
— Sami T. Al-Murshed, T&D general manager


“It also aligns well with the T&D Transformation Initiative’s focus on improving customer experience and strengthening engagement with Chapter 14 participants,” added Al-Murshed.

The celebration capitalized on the satellite offices at Penn State University, Colorado School of Mines, University of Arizona, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, as well as T&D regional offices in London and Sydney. Celebrations were also extended to include universities with high populations, such as Curtin University in Perth. 


Gifts, Ardah, and more

During the gatherings, participants had the opportunity to celebrate ‘Id with other colleagues and T&D team members; they were provided with giveaway gifts too. T&D has also sent ‘Id greeting cards along with gift vouchers to each participant. 

In London, T&D extended the courtesy by offering a traditional feast along with the traditional national celebration of “Ardah” giving a warm feeling to the invitees as if they were home on this special day.


“Thank you, Aramco, for enhancing the student experience here at Penn State by inviting us into an ‘Id gathering,” said Alwaleed Al Turaif, a CDPNE participant who is studying at Pennsylvania State University. 


“Here abroad, our family is Aramco,” said another CDPNE participant, Zenah Al Yaqoub who is studying at the University of Manchester in the U.K. 

Wail S. Abolkhair, Academic Programs and Partnerships director, said: “We were extremely gratified to be able to share the joy of ‘Id with our students both in and out of the Kingdom. This is just part of our efforts to make our students feel appreciated and included, which we believe will benefit their emotional well-being as well as their academic performance.”


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