Memory Lane

Memory Lane: The passing of Max Steineke and a series of other milestones over the decades

On the opening of Steineke Hall in Dhahran, the chairman of the Board F.A. Davies eulogized the Aramco pioneer.

Memory Lane: The passing of Max Steineke and a series of other milestones over the decades

Here are several headlines from the company’s weeklies over the past 70 years.


July 2, 1952


A colorful ceremony Sunday evening, June 29, marked the opening of Steineke Hall, a modern two-story building of cement brick construction, located near the Dhahran Dining Hall. Several hundred persons gathered in and around the lounge to hear chairman of the Board F.A. Davies deliver the dedicatory address.


Davies spoke from in front of the chiseled stone fireplace, facing a photograph of the late Max Steineke on the opposite wall. For the benefit of those who never knew Steineke, the Board chairman outlined his life and achievements.


Steineke died early this year (1952), just a year following is reception of the Sidney Powers Memorial Medal for his contribution to petroleum geology. Davies pointed out that Steineke was the fifth man to receive this coveted award, and the first to receive it for achievements in the field.

July 5, 1967


Aramco has sold its domestic marketing facilities in the Central area, the Eastern Province, and the Northern area of Saudi Arabia to the general Petroleum and Mineral Organization (Petromin). Change of ownership was effective July 1.


Petromin purchased the company’s bulk plant in Jiddah and undertook domestic marketing operations in the Western Province on March 1, 1964. Petromin, with the latest acquisitions from Aramco, now becomes a nationwide marketing agency. Petromin was set up by the government in enterprises that will develop the country’s petroleum and mineral’s resources.

July 7, 1982


Moving households is a chore — finding the scissors (probably meticulously packed) to break the seal-fast tape on packing boxes and situating furniture and belongings are usually big problems for newly moved people.


But this chore is miniscule compared to the undertaking of the Dhahran Spare Parts Warehouse when personnel began the move recently to their new home in the Central Area Storeyard — a warehouse so vast as to accommodate over 200 average-size dwellings, each of which could be filled with a varied assortment of 1,250 spare parts, tools, and gadgetries.

July 9, 1997


Saad I. Husseini, executive vice president of Exploration and Producing, opened the new Drilling & Workover Building on Old Abqaiq Road on June 18.


In his opening statement, Husseini focused on the positive atmosphere the company is trying to provide for its employees. He emphasized the importance of a healthy environment which encourages employee efficiency and productivity.

July 4, 2012


Saudi Aramco and the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) announced June 27 that they have signed a nonbinding memorandum of understating to pursue the merger of the fleets and operations of Bahri and Vela International Marine Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco. The proposed merger would create a large and more diversified national shipping company.


With 77 vessels in its fleet following the transaction — 32 very large crude carriers (VLCCs), 20 chemical tankers, five product tankers, four roll-on roll-offs and 16 vessels under construction — Bahri would become the fourth-largest owner of VLCCs globally, creating a platform for continued economic growth and human capital in the Kingdom.


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