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Embrace your talents

A call for us to embrace all parts of ourselves and explore our interests.

Embrace your talents

Many of us, when we explore our cultural, art, or literary capabilities, worry about losing our identities. 

Some people worry that if they pursue too many interests — in music, in painting, in acting, in writing — that they may lose their focus; the concentration that would allow them to perfect their skills in one of those domains. They think it is better to be known for doing one thing well, then to risk being mediocre in several things.

The same can be true for anyone of us involved in the world of innovation, whether we are scientists creating new technology solutions in a lab, geologists looking for new discoveries in the field, or even accountants finding new efficiencies to draw the most value out of limited resources. 

All of these professionals require creative thinking, and creative people often feel stretched by having “too many” interests. Spreading their time and energy across a variety of interests, or a variety of projects, may seem risky. They may feel tempted to focus on just a few domains to improve their chances of success.

But I think that exploring a diversity of talents is a great and wonderful thing. Whether in media, cultural, or art domains, and even in the workplace, I believe that a diversity of talents and innovations can be a strength, not a weakness or a burden. Each of those talents can be nurtured and developed, and over time, they can and should be integrated into other aspects of our life and our identity. 

It takes courage to put one’s talents on display, submitting a painting for a local art show or raising one’s hand in a meeting to share a new idea, for everyone to see. But I feel courage, knowing that Allah, the All-Mighty, provided us with talents and those talents should be used. I advise everyone who has more than one talent or an innovative ability to use them, and with time and experience, to master them all. 

Never stop exploring your talents. Talents have no limits and innovation has no boundaries. Be innovative in the domains in which Allah gave you special skills or an affinity. Your talents will be recognized. Society will get used to the diversity of your talents and skills, and your success will speak for itself.

If you want an example, think of the actor Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock.” He started out his career as a professional wrestler, then an actor in action movies, and then a comedian. He mastered all aspects of these very different professions, and the diversity never affected his identity. Closer to home, we have the innovative person Abdul Majeed Al Rahedi who was an actor and program presenter. He has ventured into numerous ventures, and mastered in all aspects. 

In conclusion, embrace the diversity of your talents and do not worry about your identity. Whatever your identity is, diversity is greater.

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