Excellence Awards

President’s Excellence Awards

Celebrating excellence at Saudi Aramco

President’s Excellence Awards

In its 89th year, Aramco is making headlines for its performance among the world’s most valuable publicly listed companies. It is recognized globally as a technology leader, with the Abqaiq oil processing facility, ‘Uthmaniyah gas plant, and Khurais oil complex all having Global Lighthouse status from the World Economic Forum for their use of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. 

But one thing we know about excellence is that it is the result of the commitment of Aramco’s employees across the company’s many departments striving for excellence in their day-to-day work, and this excellence was recognized recently at the 2022 President’s Excellence Awards in Dhahran. 

In congratulating the winners from across the company’s operations, president and CEO Amin Nasser said the winners have not only elevated their own performance but have modeled how the company as a whole can adapt and change to meet the ever-changing needs of a challenging and competitive global marketplace.

“In addition to the recognition you deserve, these awards are also important in terms of the inspiration they provide to teams across Aramco, and even to others outside the company,” Nasser said. “We must always remember that achieving excellence is not a destination. Excellence is not a place where, once reached, you can sit back and relax. Rather, achieving excellence is a journey that never ends.”

Nasser thanked the awardees “For the excellence that you have achieved, for the inspiration that you are providing, and for the value that you are creating. You should all be proud of the fact that Aramco is better because of your excellence.”

Safety Excellence

This year, Aramco recognized seven organizations for their excellence in safety performance as well as efforts to drive continuous safety improvement. Criteria for these awards were determined by key performance indicators identified by the Loss Prevention Department. 

The Hawiyah Gas Plant Department, the South Ghawar Gas Producing Department, and the Manifa Producing Department won gold awards for Best Performing Operating organizations, while the Inspection Department and the Western Region Industrial Security Operations Department won gold awards for Best Performing Support Organizations. The Ras Tanura Producing Department and the Southern Area Workover Department won bronze awards for Most Improved Organization.

Environmental Excellence

Maintaining environmental safety throughout its operations has been part of the company’s DNA since its founding, and the company continues to search for new ways to improve its environmental safety record, through reducing emissions and promoting a circular carbon economy. 

Seven organizations were recognized for innovations that could have dramatic environmental impacts, including gold awards for the Exploration Drilling Department, the Western Region Distribution Department, and the Gas Drilling & Workover Department for Best Performing Operating Organizations, the Mechanical Services Shops Department for Best Performing Services Organization, the Haradh Gas Plant Department for Best in Decarbonization for Gas Operations and NGL Recovery, the Northern Area Gas Producing Department for Best in Decarbonization for Producing Operations, and the Yanbu’ Refinery Department for Best in Decarbonization for Global Manufacturing. 

Maintenance and Reliability

Aramco’s well-earned reputation for reliability depends on the excellence of organizations that go the extra mile to conduct maintenance in promoting stewardship, driving performance through a competitive work environment, promoting benchmarking and knowledge sharing, and spreading awareness about the Saudi Aramco Maintenance Council’s initiatives and programs. 

The Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Department won the gold award for Operating Organizations, while the Hawiyah Gas Plant Department won silver. The Mechanical Services Shops Department won the gold award for Service Organizations, while the Central Community Services Department won silver. The Khurais Producing Department won bronze for Most Improved Organization.

Operational Excellence

As part of its drive for continuous improvement, Aramco recognizes the top performing hydrocarbon operating facilities and service organizations that have successfully implemented Operational Excellence (OE) in their organization. 

For operating facilities, the Yanbu’ Refinery Department won the gold award, while the Wasit Gas Plant Department won the silver. For service organizations, the IT Engineering Department received the gold award, while the Northern Area Production Engineering Department won the silver. 

Affiliates Excellence

To promote and recognize the safety and operational performance of Aramco’s growing network of refining and petrochemical affiliates and subsidiaries worldwide, the company has designated six companies for its Affiliates Excellence Award.

The gold award for Best Performance in Safety went to SATORP, with Sadara taking the silver award for most improved. The gold award for Best Performance in Energy and Environment went to SASREF, with Petro Rabigh taking the silver for most improved. The gold award for Best Performance in Maintenance and Reliability went to YASREF, with the silver going to Luberef. And the silver award for Most Improved Performance in OE went to Luberef.


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