Memory Lane

Memory Lane: New buildings, a king’s visit, fighting spills from the air, and Crikite

In 1997, the company obtained the Air Tractor 802, a high-tech crop duster specially outfitted to battle oil spills at sea.

Memory Lane: New buildings, a king’s visit, fighting spills from the air, and Crikite

May 14, 1947


The time has arrived to depart, and this being my last edition until I return, I personally thank all who have helped make the "Sun & Flare" interesting.


Issues to follow will come forth once a week -- on Wednesdays -- and all copy should be sent to acting editor at Dhahran, to arrive on Sundays.


Ere parting, here’s a wish for all: That you may live as long as you like and laugh as long as you live."


— J Mahoney

May 9, 1962


Moving operations have been completed at Ras Tanura's new Administration building and an Open House will be held on May 21 from 4 to 5 p.m. Open House conducted tours will be handled by T.B. Ward, general supervisor of Office Services.


The newly remodeled building now houses the following offices: District Management General Superintendents, all Personnel and Cash offices, the Accounting department, Engineering, Refiner's division, Safety division, Training division, Office Services division, and the Inspection. Section

May 25, 1977


His Majesty King Khalid ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn 'Abd ar-Rahman Al Sa'ud arrived at Dhahran International Airport last Sunday, May 22, to begin a four-day visit to the Eastern Province. Crowds were on hand to welcome the monarch as he disembarked from the aircraft that brought him from Riyadh.


On Monday, His Majesty held open majlis at the 'Adamah Palace in Dammam in the morning, and in the evening he was honored by a dinner given on behalf of the citizens of the Eastern Province at the al-Gosaibi Hotel in al-Khobar.


The King will return to Riyadh today or tomorrow at the conclusion of his visit to the Eastern Province.

May 14, 1997


"We hope we never have to use it, but if we do, it's ready. "Abdulla Zaindin, Saudi Aramco's global oil spill coordinator was talking about the Air Tractor 802, a high-tech crop duster specially outfitted to battle oil spills at sea.


Following several months of fine-tuning spray-application systems and training flight personnel, the AT-802 is now on round-the-clock standby in Dhahran.


The single-engine, tail-wheel plane actually touched down in Dhahran last August after a hop-scotch, nine-day solo crossing of much of America, the North Atlantic, Europe, and most of Saudi Arabia.


Zaindin said, "With the Air Tractor, we now have a permanent capability for aerial spraying when we determine that containment or recovery of a spill by mechanical means is not possible."


The air Tractor replaces the Fokker 27 fixed-wing aircraft which as been available for spraying when not scheduled for other flights.

May 2, 2012


The Dhahran Cricket Association's 2012 Crikite Festival got off to a flying start April 19 as a record turnout of more than 3,000 visitors flocked to the Dhahran Cricket Ground for a perfect spring day. By evening, the sky was soon filled with colorful kits of all shapes and sizes, their long tails bobbing and swirling in the gentle breeze.


Crikite lead Farooq A. Khan said he was overwhelmed by the response to the festival and the large turnout. "None of this would have been possible without the selfless effort from the DCA board and volunteers," Khan said.


As a backdrop to the kit flying and other festivities, cricket matches were in progress on the indoor arena, with the women's cricket teams pitching in for a friendly tournament.


Top photo caption: Colorful kites soar above the Dhahran Cricket Field during the 2012 Crikite Festival held April 19. Thousands of visitors flocked to the popular event to take in games, food, and of course, kite flying and cricket.


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