Memory Lane

Memory Lane: A revolution of safety, the King inaugurates an airport, and first Flower Show held

More than 5,000 employees, family members, and guests visited the First Gardening and Flower Show.

Memory Lane: A revolution of safety, the King inaugurates an airport, and first Flower Show held

Here are some of the more interesting headlines over the past 75 years.

April 30, 1947


Joe Cigar was standing on a soap box, gesticulating wildly. "Comrades," he began, "The time is ripe for revolution. For about 14 weeks now, I have presented facts and more facts, trying to convince you that it is time for revolution against industrial accidents and injuries.


"Now is the time for action. I solicit all of you, comrades, to revolt against the accident and injury frequency rates. Let's upset them and turn all the curves upside down -- the line on the graphs always look better when they go downhill; at least they do when you're drawing pictures of the rise and fall of injury rates.


"The subject of today's discourse is "striking against objects.' This is not a sit-down strike, but a lay-down strike; since there were 18 lost-time and disabling injuries received during 1946 by Aramco employees as the result of striking against objects during their work.


"In conclusion, I urge each and every one of you to strike out against 'striking against objects,' as well as the other types of accidents."

April 25, 1962


His Majest King Sa'ud ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz departed Dammam last Monday by Budd care for dedication ceremonies of the Sauid Cement company, located midway between Abqaiq and Hofuf. Following a tea party given in his honor, King Sa'ud and his entourage left for Hofuf.


During his nine-day visit to the Eastern Province, King Sa'ud kept to a full schedule of receiving notables and dignitaries and being entertained.


His Majesty inaugurated the new terminal building at the Dhahran International Airport. Before the opening ceremonies, the Saudi Air Force staged an impressive air parade, flying in tight formation over the airfield. King Sa'ud awarded diplomas to the graduating Air Force flight officers. He then turned to cut the ribbon opening the terminal building and toured the spacious interior.


May 11, 1977


Aramco's 1976 Review of Operations, released this week, reported record crud production of more than 3 million barrels during 1976. The company, producer of over 95 percent of Saudi Arabia's crude oil, also reported an increase in the reserve figures that was greater than the year's production.


As of year-end 1976, the report said, Aramco's proven reserves came to 110.2 billion barrels of oil, a net increase of 2.3 billion. Probably reserves, including the proved figure, were given as 177.5 billion, up 1.7 billion over the previous year's figures.


The company, which has been called on by the Saudi government to carry out gas-gathering and electrification projects in the Kingdom, said in the report that it had spent "well over $2 billion" for new plant, property, and equipment during 1976, and underscored that these expenditures, on its own account and for the government, were 77 percent higher than analogous outlays in 1975.


April 29, 1992


Following completion of its rigorous commissioning, the new Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant operated by Dhahran Utilities is now on-line.


The process returns up to 3 million gallons of wastewater daily to its original uncontaminated state, according to Hussain al-Faraj, a Dhahran Utilities civil engineer.


"The water in the state can be used to irrigate the front yards of many individual homes, as well as the many greenbelt and commons areas in Dhahran Hills and in South Main Camp," al-Faraj said.


During the testing and commissioning period, every yard in the areas was checked with dyed water and physically walked by an inspector to make sure there were no cross-connections that would supply reuse water for any purpose other than irrigation, according to al-Faraj.


Current plans call for running the plant 24 hours a day, making it possible to water newly planted trees and grass in designated areas in Dhahran.

April 25, 2007


More than 5,000 employees, family members and guests visited the Dhahran Nursey, which was turned into a small park recently for the First Gardening and Flower Show.


The nursey was a showcase of different varieties of seedlings, cut flowers, indoor plants, trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants. Landscape designs, irrigation and gardening materials, date-palm products, fruit carving and falcon show also were part of the show, not to mention henna painting, a flower arrangement contest, educational workshops, games and entertainment.


Objectives were to educate employees and residents on the importance of plants in the environment; to stimulate interest in gardening, landscaping and horticulture; and to provide an outlet for creative expression for those who love flowers and gardening.


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