Ramadan experiences

Ramadan in California

Aramco sponsored student Ibrahim Alrajhi shares his Ramadan experience from California.

Ramadan in California

Ramadan is a month synonymous with increased spirituality, family gatherings, and good food. Students abroad tend to miss out on the Ramadan spirit they experience at home but try to recreate it with their friends as they continue their usual routines.

What helped me personally was importing dates and Arabic coffee, both essential for my Iftar table. Having Iftar in stages helps with regaining much of the energy lost during the day, where we start with Arabic coffee, dates, and some appetizers like samosas, soups, and fatayer.

After breaking my fast and praying, I usually take a 45-minute walk that helps avoid bloating and then have the main meal, which is usually Mediterranean cuisine. Ending the day with some fruits or an Açaí bowl tends to help with sustaining some energy for the next day.

As students, finding the proper study schedule is crucial as we start finals in the last week of Ramadan. Shifting sleep to a later time helps with our focus on studying during the night and a couple of hours before Iftar. Ultimately, this is a month of reflection on how far we’ve gone since last Ramadan and a chance to appreciate all the blessings bestowed upon us, from essentials like a roof over our head and food on the table, to enriching opportunities such as Aramco’s development programs. Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan. 

Ibrahim AlRajhi, California, Aramco sponsored student.


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