Women in Safety

VIDEO: Women of Impact forum emphasizes diversity and safety

“When we broaden the range of people around the table we also broaden our viewpoints.”

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From Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, Aramco’s senior vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services


Safety is a core value at Saudi Aramco, and this will never change.


What is changing is that more women than ever are contributing to our safety performance. From carrying out inspections, to acting as positive role models and improving our safety governance.


And this is vitally important because a more diverse and inclusive Aramco is a stronger and more resilient Aramco. This is certainly holding true in terms of safety.


When we broaden the range of people around the table we also broaden our viewpoints.


There is more challenge and debate, ideas get tested, and teams are less likely to become complacent. Safety is about constantly re-examining old assumptions and looking for new and better ways of doing things.


In short, we need everyone’s expertise and experience to point out vulnerabilities and opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed.


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