VIDEO: Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter speaks about the economics and technology at CERAWeek

Aramco projects have sequestered more carbon dioxide as than mitigated by electric vehicles on the road today.

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I think lately, we’ve all seen the dangers of ignoring the energy industry. It is our responsibility to avail that energy.


I believe we are. We have those resources. We have the capabilities. We have the talent, and the key solution is technology, in my view.


As I was mentioning before, we had about 40 million tonnes of CO2 that are captured and sequestered today in pilot projects. That is twice as much as the CO2 mitigated by all the electric vehicles on the road today, underestimating the value of these solutions that we bring to the table as an energy industry.


They need to go back and look at the economics. The economics are far in favor of solutions like I’m mentioning here and the technologies are ready.


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