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VIDEO: Upstream Innovation Center advances intelligent solutions to company challenges

Center also helps maximize hydrocarbon discovery and recovery, ensuring reliability and safety, while reducing costs.

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The Upstream Innovation Center was established to advance the development of intelligent solutions that can address upstream challenges.



The Center also provides sophisticated predictive capabilities to ultimately maximize hydrocarbon discovery and recovery, ensure reliability and safety, and reduce costs.



One great example is the Aramco Intelligent Virtual Assistant — the Center’s brain. The Center is also equipped with immersive visualization technology that allows our professionals to interact and see data like never before. 



At the Center, we follow an agile way of working. We also use machine learning algorithms to monitor our production assets, predicting any potential equipment failure in advance.



We also use artificial intelligence in the Center to manage water production, and hence, reduce power consumption. This in turn further minimizes carbon emissions. 



This all takes place here, in an immersive environment that sparks innovation and enables multidisciplinary collaboration to ultimately accelerate our upstream digital transformation.


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