Gratitude for Housekeeping

JHAH, Aramcons come together to say thanks to Housekeeping staff

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Aramco communities team up to celebrate JHAH Housekeeping Unit.

JHAH, Aramcons come together to say thanks to Housekeeping staff

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) and the Aramco community and Dhahran Women’s Group (DWG) recently celebrated JHAH’s Housekeeping Department, with chief executive Dr. Michael Walsh and other members of JHAH management hosting an event for them in Dhahran.


Also present at the event were: leading community philanthropist Munirah Al Ashgar; Dhahran Middle School vice principal Andrea Matza (accompanied by members of the Junior Honors Society); Dhahran Women’s Group president Basma Hamad (and other members of the DWG); and representatives of other community groups, including the Boy Scouts. 


The DWG’s Alison Hooker coordinated the appreciation project.


A key part of staying healthy and safe

Walsh shared his admiration and appreciation to the unit’s staff, declaring that, “All of you are an important part of our work here at JHAH, the hygiene and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff is at your hands,” Walsh said to Housekeeping Unit staff members.


JHAH’s chief nursing officer, Hani Ayyad, thanked and highlighted the integral role that housekeeping and custodial staff play in the day-to-day provision of care.


We cannot take care of our patients without you, our unsung heroes who deserve the praise. Your hard work and dedication in the cleanliness of our hospital is among the highest scores in the JHAH patient satisfaction surveys.
— Hani Ayyad


Also acknowledging the invaluable contribution of the Housekeeping and Custodial team at JHAH, Hooker addressed the team by stating that, “You may often feel invisible, but we know the essential work you continue to perform quietly in the background day by day.” 


Hooker also passed on a message from the wife of Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser, who was unable to attend but wanted to greet and thank all involved in making the appreciation event possible and show her appreciation for all the hard work done by the Housekeeping staff at JHAH.


Tokens of appreciation

Also, Dhahran Middle School staff, students, and their families, as well as families from Aramco’s Dhahran and Ar-Rabiah communities, provided 545 personalized gifts to the staff as a way of saying thanks. The gifts will also be distributed to the JHAH Housekeeping units in Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, ‘Udhailiyah, and al-Hasa.


Walsh closed the event by re-emphasizing the importance of combining our efforts for the greater good. “Thank you to all the various community groups,” he stated. “We are all a community working together in these difficult times of fighting a global pandemic.”


With this celebration, the heroes in the background who keep us safe and protected can shine, feel seen, and be appreciated.


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