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Young Gas Operations professionals come together to ‘Learn, Unlearn, Then Relearn’

GO Young Professionals Café brings top leadership and PDPs together to help young professionals find future success

Young Gas Operations professionals come together to ‘Learn, Unlearn, Then Relearn’

Under the theme of Learn, Unlearn, Then Relearn,” the Gas Operations (GO) Technical Support and Planning Department recently conducted the annual GO Young Professionals Café” at the Plaza Conference Center in Dhahran. 


More than 140 Gas Operations professional development program (PDP) employees attended the event, which was chaired by executive management from both Southern Area Gas Operations and Northern Area Gas Operations.


Executive directors from both organizations and other members of management engaged with the young professionals in open discussions about career challenges and opportunities. During a panel session, the PDPs were able to share ideas and their perspectives on the business while also receiving valuable advice from the panelists.


The panel session concluded with admin area heads emphasizing the importance of making the best of opportunities and to push the limits of learning and knowledge sharing. They also noted the importance of maintaining a proper mindset in achieving career goals, especially during challenging times.


The Master of Ceremonies Mohammed Alhuwayer and Abdulmohsen Al Nafea led the audience through the program and engaged them by sharing presentations, related quizzes, and facilitating the question-and-answer session.


GO technical program

Engineers Abdullah H. Al-Zahrani and Abdullah H. Alhammad opened the technical program with the safety presentation “GO PDPs Safety Performance” that examined Gen Z characteristics derived from an analysis of GO PDP safety performance through key performance indicators and achievements.


The PDPs were introduced to the “GO PDP Safety Performance Dashboard,” a helpful tracking tool designed to improve PDPs safety contributions.


Other technical presentations delivered by PDPs included:


  • Data Driven Steam Network Optimization Post STG Commissioning” by Abdulaziz A. Al-Baiz
  • GT Stripper Operation Pressure Effect on Regeneration and Energy Consumption” by Mohammed S. Al- Abdulmohsen
  • Hydrate Management Solution System” by Abdullah H. Kassim.


Through their presentations, GO young talents shed light on their personal learning experience gained through overcoming technical challenges as their chain of management has balanced empowerment with effective mentoring giving them the right exposure that sharpened their skills and built their competencies.


An innovation mindset

Another highlight of the event was a speech by Said S. Al-Jaroudi from the Northern Area Technical Services Department. Al-Jaroudi ignited the minds of he young participants with his presentation Fostering Young Professionals Innovation Mindset.” 


Al-Jaroudi led the audience through the origin of innovations, innovative thinking, and the main drivers for being innovative. He then shared some valuable concepts such as Innovation Portfolio Assessment and Innovation Maturity Assessment, encouraging PDPs to empower themselves, capitalize on learning opportunities, and make innovation the base of moving forward.


More presentations

Other presentations given at the event include:

  • “Condensate Stabilizer Reboiler Online Cleaning” by Yousif A. Al-Abkary
  • SNGL BAHE Performance Enhancement” by Sultan A. Al-Ankari, who further talked about his efforts to share his efforts companywide
  • “WGP Proactive Automation Solutions” by Abdulaziz A. Al-Dayini
  • Fin Fan Locking Hub” by Khalid S. Kurdi, who noted the internally manufactured tool has helped maintenance efforts at facilities companywide


The event concluded with the recognitions of presenters and guest speakers. Leadership also recognized the presenters, participating departments, and the organizing team, complimenting the event and PDP’s engagement.


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