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Aramco wins ‘Energy Management Insight Award’

International Clean Energy Ministerial forum recognizes Haradh Gas Plant for “contributing to global knowledge of energy management implementation.”

Aramco wins ‘Energy Management Insight Award’

The Haradh Gas Plant Department (HdGPD) reaffirms its commitment toward climate change action through an exemplary performance in its energy efficiency. 


In line with Aramco objectives, HdGPD is committed to building a lower carbon intensity operation while delivering the required energy demand to support economic growth and social well-being. Through leveraging of technology and innovation, HdGPD strives to conserve natural resources and minimize its environmental footprint.


The HdGPD was recognized by the international Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) forum for its achievements in helping to build awareness of ISO 50001 and contributing to global knowledge of energy management implementation. The award ceremony, held on Dec. 9, 2021, recognized organizations that have contributed the most to the field of energy efficiency and leadership. HdGPD was one of 28 global winners that received the prestigious CEM Energy Management Insight Award for 2021. 


The CEM is a high-level international forum, represented by energy ministers from 29 countries, including the Saudi Arabia Minister of Energy. The CEM promotes clean energy policies and solutions. 


We are honored to be the first organization in the Kingdom to receive such a highly distinguished award.
— Wail A. Al-Jaafari, executive director of Southern Area Gas Operations


“The CEM, consisting of the energy ministers for the most influential countries in the energy sector, is perfectly situated to manage a balanced approach toward advancing reduced carbon energy transitions. This award reinforces Aramco’s ambition to achieve further reduction in its carbon intensity,” said Al-Jaafari,. 

Demonstrating what energy management can achieve

The HdGPD was selected by the CEM for implementing a robust energy management system and demonstrating the energy, environmental, and business benefits that energy management can achieve. The department’s achievements showcase its alignment with Aramco’s corporate objective to drive continuous improvement in energy efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint. 


“We are devoted to always be at the forefront in deploying new technologies and innovative solutions to attain continuous improvement in energy efficiency,” said Fahad S. Al-Dossary, HdGPD manager.


The HdGP came on-stream in 2003, and is one of the major gas plants in Aramco, located 300 km southwest of Dhahran. “Being on the cusp of a global energy transition is an inspirational force that propels the HdGPD energy team to continue implementing initiatives that help to further reduce its energy intensity,” said Abdulrahman A. Methn, HdGPD energy team leader.


As per the CEM, the 28 countries and the European Commission that are members of the CEM account for about 81% of global clean energy investments and 83% of global greenhouse gas emissions. These members also fund the vast majority of public research and development in clean energy technologies. They are also are the world’s leading installers of wind turbines and solar photovoltaics as well as being the primary markets for emerging options such as carbon capture and storage. The members are also the world’s major producers and purchasers of key energy consuming products such as automobiles, televisions, and other appliances. 


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