Founding Day

Ithra pays homage to Founding Day and the Kingdom’s early beginnings

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture highlights Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage with a camel parade, displays of traditional fashion, fine art, and more.

Ithra pays homage to Founding Day and the Kingdom’s early beginnings

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) celebrates Saudi Founding Day (Tuesday, Feb. 22) through Feb. 26 by taking visitors on a journey to the Kingdom’s beginnings when three centuries ago its foundations were laid in the hills of Najd with the pillars of a state that thrives to this day.


Ithra helps tell that story by offering visitors an extraordinary interactive glimpse of the past, through the present, and on to a future full of promise by using a range of musical and inspiring activities and dialogues.


The activities, which began Tuesday, feature something for all age groups that promotes a spirit of belonging and loyalty to a nation that takes pride in its children on its Founding Day.


Cultural painting that connects visitors to a rich heritage

Ithra celebrates Founding Day with a glimpse through cultural paintings that reflect a deep legacy and a national spirit that has stood the test of time.


The inspiring iconic paintings reflect the rich diversity of Saudi culture, united under the umbrella of the state founded by Imam Mohammed bin Saud in 1727.


They explore the meaning of pride, interdependence, originality and knowledge, as well as the catalysts that brought a diverse nation under one banner. 

Camel parade

For the first time, Ithra presented a caravan outside of the center’s arena highlighting the nation’s unique connection with camels.


The parade, held Tuesday, celebrated the close affinity between the “Ships of the Desert” and the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, as Ithra focused on arts that represent this relationship. The parade paid homage to the achievements of Saudi kings. 


On Thursday, these achievements in construction and unity will be featured through “Talks from History,” which document the beginnings of the nation and examine the history of the establishment of Al-Daraya by Manaa Al-Meridi, the supreme grandfather of the Saudi ruling family. 


“Talks from History” will be hosted and presented by a selection of elite academics.


Poetry night

The center will also celebrate Nabati Poetry and introduce its popular heritage, as well as its role in building a unique national identity in “Poetry Night” on Thursday.


The event will be hosted by Nayef Saqer, one of the most prominent Saudi poets today.


Fashion, folklore, and ‘Being Saudi’

In addition, Ithra on Tuesday presented a “Founding Day Fashion Competition” that was designed to enhance public understanding of fashion design and textiles consistent and relevant to Foundation Day.


Also highlighting the Kingdom’s roots, traditional Saudi folklore performances were designed to be shown on Ithra’s plazas and enrichment gardens, as well as musical performances by local bands.


And on Thursday, Ithra will showcase the cultural and artistic diversity of the Kingdom in the captivating and interactive "Being Saudi" exhibition at the Ithra Museum. 


Through the corners of the exhibition, the audience will be exposed to a variety of cultural characteristics based on the cities and regions of the Kingdom.

The children's museum will also host various sets of shows that contribute to the consolidation of our children’s vision toward their homeland. 


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