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Your Voice: Work to maintain a beautiful bouquet of friends

Let a wide palette define your friends and your friendships.

Your Voice: Work to maintain a beautiful bouquet of friends

Friends are like a colorful bouquet, each having a unique color because of their distinctive traits. 


Every color means something important without which life’s bouquet would be incomplete. I welcome the new year by celebrating the colors of friendship. 


Listed are some colors based on the traits of my friends and their significance in my life.


White: Purity, peace, and innocence are associated with white. This is the color of a friend who will help you discover wisdom hidden in the experiences of your life and learn lessons from them. If you have a friend with all these qualities, they are a keeper.


Yellow: The color of the sun and the color of friendship. For a friend who has a bright and lively personality. A friend who makes you laugh and shows you a light in your darkest moments. 


Purple: The color of a noble friend, who has a kind heart filled with compassion. This type of friend helps you understand the true authority and wisdom of the heart.


Red: The color of authority. The color for a friend who reminds us of rules in life but encourages us to change with warm encouraging words. These types of friends help us become a better version of ourselves and help us stay on the right track. 


Green: This color is the color of nature. It is associated with good luck and trust. The color for a friend who sees the positive and puts hope in everything. A friend that helps us come out of our gloomy state of mind. 


Blue: The color of a friend who is a source of peace, serenity, and tranquility. Being surrounded by such a friend helps to keep you away from drama in life, and focus better on what is important. 


Pink: A friend who is affectionate, understanding, and caring.


Orange: A friend who enhances our spirits with new positive energy that helps us grow with love and care. These friends keep us happy by their presence and the world looks more fun when they are around. 


Gray: This is the color of silence. It represents a friend who teaches you how to interiorize and reflect. It is a friend who helps you understand yourself and others better through introspection and self-reflection.


Brown: This color represents a friend who might help us step down from false illusions and bring us back to Earth. This friend will make us humble, and help us live with the true realities of life. 


When I look at the circle of my friends, I see all of these colors and feel blessed to have such a colorful bouquet of friends. Backed by this knowledge, I often get the idea to give flowers to my friends based on the color they are associated with to thank them for their friendship and to cherish it. 


What about you? How many colors of friends are there in your circle?




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